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Drinking Water (11 publications 1995-2020)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
Focus on: Oversight Remedial Action Grants & Loans and Safe Drinking Water Action Grants: Implementing New Permit Condition 20-09-054January 2020
Focus on: The Pollution Prevention for Healthy People and Puget Sound Act 19-04-012May 2019
POSTER: Changes in Nitrate-N Concentration in the Sumas-Blaine Aquifer between 1997 and 2018 19-03-006April 2019
Sumas-Blaine Aquifer Long-Term Groundwater Quality Monitoring, 2009-2016 17-03-013October 2017
Lake Whatcom Watershed Cooperative Drinking Water Protection Project: Results of 1998 Water, Sediment and Fish Tissue Sampling 99-337September 1999
Sumas-Blaine Surficial Aquifer Nitrate Characterization 98-310May 1998
Yelm Groundwater Baseline Sampling 98-301January 1998
Pesticide Residues in the Kittitas Valley Surficial Aquifer 97-318April 1997
Ground Water Quality Characterization and Nitrate Investigation of the Glade Creek Watershed 96-348November 1996
Pesticide Residues in the Skagit Delta Surficial Aquifer - Washington State Pesticide Monitoring Program 96-302April 1996
Watershed Briefing Paper for the San Juan Islands Water Resource Inventory Area 95-347September 1995