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Dangerous / Hazardous Waste Management (97 publications 1985-2020)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
Shoptalk Winter 2020 Issue 20-04-001January 2020
Dangerous Waste Annual Reporting: 2019 Reporting Guide 19-04-034December 2019
Summary of Draft Amendments to the Dangerous Waste Regulations Chapter 173-303 WAC 19-04-033November 2019
Nicotine Vaping Waste Interim Policy 19-04-032November 2019
Focus on: Episodic Generation 19-04-019November 2019
Focus on: Disposal of Flavored Vaping Products 19-04-031October 2019
Public Comment Period – Terminal 91 Cleanup 19-04-025October 2019
Weekly Inspection Checklist 12-04-019October 2019
Focus on: Labeling Dangerous Waste 19-04-023September 2019
PERC Equipment Replacement Voucher Questions and Answers 19-04-022September 2019
세탁장비 교체를 고려하고 계십니까? 19-04-021KOSeptember 2019
Thinking about buying new dry cleaning equipment? 19-04-021September 2019
Focus on: Conditional exclusions for solvent-contaminated wipes 19-04-016September 2019
Dangerous Waste Site Identification Form Instructions 18-04-037June 2019
Designation Checklist 16-04-028June 2019
Public Comment Period: Boeing Developmental Center Cleanup 19-04-013May 2019
Dangerous Waste Regulations Crosswalk 19-04-009May 2019
Frequently Asked Questions: Pollution Prevention Plan and Hazardous Waste Planning Fee 03-04-016May 2019
중점 요약: 드라이클리닝과 퍼크 (PERC) 19-04-008KOApril 2019
Focus on: Dry cleaners and perchloroethylene (PERC) 19-04-008April 2019
Final Regulatory Analyses for Chapter 173-303 WAC Dangerous Waste Regulations 19-04-007January 2019
Rule Implementation Plan: Dangerous Waste Regulations 19-04-006January 2019
Ecology Updates Dangerous Waste Regulations 19-04-005January 2019
Response to Public Comments: Boeing Auburn Fabrication Cleanup Site 19-04-004January 2019
Concise Explanatory Statement: Dangerous Waste Regulations 19-04-003January 2019
Boeing Auburn Fabrication Site Cleanup Informational Drop-in Session Postcard Notice 19-04-002January 2019
Interim Policy for Prepreg Waste 18-04-029January 2019
Dangerous Waste Guidance for Pre-Impregnated Resin Composites 18-04-028January 2019
Interim Chemical Action Plan for Per- and Polyfluorinated Alkyl Substances 18-04-005January 2019
Dangerous Waste Annual Reporting: 2018 Reporting Guide 18-04-036December 2018
Ecology’s responses to public comments available for Occidental Chemical Corporation’s Tacoma site 18-04-031November 2018
Occidental Chemical Corporation Feasibility Study Report, Agreed Order, and Related Documents: Responsiveness Summary 18-04-022October 2018
Mercury in Non-automotive Switches 16-04-013July 2018
Public Participation Plan for International Paper and Port of Longview 16-04-004July 2018
General Facility Inspection Log 13-04-012July 2018
Boletín Informativo: Remoción de montajes de interruptores con mercurio en automóviles 08-04-005ESJuly 2018
Focus On Dangerous Waste: Handle Pharmaceutical Waste Properly 13-04-013May 2018
Clark County Local Source Control Partnership Monitoring, Findings and Recommendations, 2017 18-03-018April 2018
Keep Your Washington Business Clean and Competitive 03-04-003September 2017
Problem Wastes for Property Managers 98-415August 2017
Focus on Aerosol Can Management 07-04-005July 2017
Site Identification Form Instructions User Guide 17-04-027June 2017
You Auto Recycle - A Guide for Vehicle Recycling 97-433January 2017
Safe Handling of Empty Containers 96-431April 2016
Common Environmental Reports for Facilities in Washington State - Poster 16-04-003March 2016
Public Comment Notice - Reichhold/SSA 16-04-008February 2016
Improving Management of Dangerous Pharmaceutical Wastes in Washington - A Report to the Legislature 15-04-035December 2015
Small Quantity Generators Treating Dangerous Waste 14-04-004September 2015
Evaporation: Treatment Specific Guidance 96-414August 2015
Public Participation Plan for Occidental Chemical Corporation Site 15-04-028August 2015
Laboratory Guide for Managing Dangerous Waste 15-04-015August 2015
The State Solid and Hazardous Waste Plan - Moving Washington Beyond Waste and Toxics 15-04-019June 2015
Highlights of the 2014 Amendments to the Dangerous Waste Regulations 15-04-007January 2015
Check Your Dangerous Waste Accumulation Area - Poster 15-04-006January 2015
Label Dangerous Laboratory Waste - It's the Law! - Poster 15-04-004January 2015
Dangerous Waste Tank System Daily Inspection Log 15-04-003January 2015
Choosing An Analytical Laboratory For Dangerous Waste Testing 00-04-022January 2015
Focus On: Management of Water-Fuel Mixtures in Washington State 14-04-053November 2014
Debe Inspeccionar los Contenedores de Desechos Peligrosos (pequeño/grande) - Inspect Your Dangerous Waste Drums - Poster (Small/Large) 08-04-015ESOctober 2014
Quick Guide to Dangerous Waste Labeling 14-04-045August 2014
Inspect Your Dangerous Waste Drums - Poster (Small or Large) 08-04-015July 2014
Additional Wells to be Installed in Northern Algona 14-04-029June 2014
Draft Dangerous Waste Permit for Burlington Environmental - Basis for Permit Modification 14-04-027May 2014
Draft Dangerous Waste Permit for Burlington Environmental's PSC-Georgetown Facility 14-04-026May 2014
Local Source Control Partnership - 2011-2013 Biennium Report 14-04-007May 2014
Dangerous Waste Guidance for Gas Stations 14-04-011April 2014
Treatment by Generator: Pharmaceutical Waste 14-04-009March 2014
Treatment by Generator - Aldehyde Deactivation 14-04-003February 2014
Treatment by Generator - Polymerization 14-04-002February 2014
Proposed Agreed Order and Permit Modification 13-04-018January 2014
Fume Hoods: Top Ten Best Management Practices Poster 13-04-021December 2013
Focus on State Dangerous Waste Regulations Protect Human Health and the Environment 13-04-004June 2013
Focus on Asbestos Labeling: A New Requirement to Label Building Materials that Contain Asbestos 13-02-006May 2013
Focus on Enforcing Dangerous Waste Rules Prevents Pollution 10-04-029May 2013
Best Management Practices for Dental Office Waste 06-04-007April 2013
Universal Waste Rule for Batteries: WAC 173-303-573(2) 98-407aJanuary 2013
Focus on Spill Response Assistance - Oil & Hazardous Material Spill Response Assistance 12-08-012November 2012
Response to Comments: Modification of the Hanford Facility Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Permit for the Treatment, Storage, and Disposal of Dangerous Waste, Part III, Operating Group 10 (WA7890008967) Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant, Jun 12-05-014August 2012
Response to Comments: Waste Water Discharge Permit for Hanford's 200 Area Treated Effluent Disposal Facility 12-05-011May 2012
Spill Reporting and Cleanup in Washington State: A Guide for Pesticide Secondary Containment 94-187March 2012
Permit Modification of the Dangerous Waste Portion, Rev 8C, of the RCRA Permit for the Treatment, Storage, and Disposal of Dangerous Waste, Part III, Operating Unit Group 10 (WA7890008967) Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant: Responsiveness Summary 11-05-002January 2011
Universal Waste Rule for Mercury-containing Equipment: WAC 173-303-573(3,4) 98-407bFebruary 2010
Reducing and Managing Wastes from Pesticide Containment Areas 94-186January 2010
Permit Modification to the Hanford Facility Resource Conservation and Recover Act Permit, Part III, Chapter 10, Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant Responsiveness Summary 09-05-001March 2009
Local Source Control Technical Assistance Manual - Auto Body Pilot: Dangerous Waste 08-04-017aMarch 2009
Local Source Control Technical Assistance Manual - Auto Body Pilot 08-04-0170March 2009
Local Source Control Technical Assistance Manual - Auto Body Pilot 08-04-017March 2009
Hazardous Waste Generator Checklist 91-12bNovember 2006
Universal Waste Rule for Lamps: WAC 173-303-573(5) (supercedes pub #06-04-027) 98-407cDecember 2005
Universal Waste Rule: WAC 173-303-573 98-407December 2005
A Guide for Photo Processors 94-138February 2005
Best Management Practices for Agricultural Chemicals 94-189January 2005
Frequently Asked Questions about Moderate-Risk Waste Collection Facilities; Implementation of Chapter 173-350-360 WAC 03-07-022November 2003
A Guide for Lithographic Printers 94-139March 2002
Moderate Risk Waste Collection System Report 00-07-041November 2000
Small-Scale Technologies to Remove and Manage Refrigerants and Compressors from Discarded Appliances 94171February 1994
Hazardous Waste Investigation and Cleanup in Washington 85-09-906July 1985