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Water Quality (24 publications 1975-2016)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
Quincy Ground Water Management Subarea And Zones 173-124June 1988
Water Quality Standards For Ground Waters of The State Of Washington 173-200October 1990
Water Quality Standards For Surface Waters Of The State Of Washington 173-201AAugust 2016
Whole Effluent Toxicity Testing And Limits 173-205October 1993
Grant Of Authority Sewerage Systems 173-208June 1975
State Waste Discharge Permit Program 173-216January 2006
Underground Injection Control Program 173-218June 2008
National Pollutant Discharge Elimination SystemPermit Program 173-220February 2002
Discharge Standards And Effluent LimitationsFor Domestic Wastewater Facilities 173-221November 1987
Wastewater Discharge StandardsAnd Effluent Limitations 173-221AOctober 1995
Wastewater Discharge Permit Fees 173-224November 2015
Federal Water Pollution Control Act – EstablishmentOf Implementation Procedures Of Applicationfor Certification 173-225June 1975
Waste Discharge General Permit Program 173-226February 2002
Certification Of Operators Of Wastewater Treatment Plants 173-230December 1999
Submission Of Plans And Reports For Construction Of Wastewater Facilities 173-240July 2000
Submission Of Plans And Reports For Construction And Operation Of Combined Sewer Overflowreduction Facilities 173-245July 2000
Limitations On Use Of Referendum 26 Grant FundsFor Water Pollution Abatement 173-255June 1980
Puget Sound Highway Runoff Program 173-270May 1991
Limitations On Use Of Referendum 39 Grant Funds For Water Pollution Abatement 173-80September 1986
Uses And Limitations Of Centennial Clean Water Funds 173-95ASeptember 2011
Uses And Limitations Of The Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund 173-98November 2013
Columbia Basin Irrigation Area — Sewage And Waste 372-36June 1988
Water Districts Requests For Approvals And Certifications Of Necessity To Operate Sewer Districts 372-52June 1988
Water Pollution Control And Abatementplans For Sewage Drainage Basins 372-68June 1988