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Water Resources (61 publications 2002-2018)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
Water Well Report ECY 050-1-20September 2018
Lummi Peninsula Annual Well Report (for Small Wells) ECY 070-276August 2018
Resource Protection Well Report ECY 050-12July 2018
Showing of Compliance with 90.44.100(3) ECY 040-74July 2018
Seasonal Change Application ECY 070-200February 2018
Water Conservancy Board Annual Report ECY 070-519November 2017
Dam Owner Annual Inspection Form ECY 070-572August 2017
Water Conservancy Board Application For Change/Transfer Report Of Examination To Appropriate Public Waters Of The State Of Washington ECY 040-106March 2017
Dam Safety - Simplified Emergency Action Plan Form ECY 070-37September 2016
Well Construction and Decommissioning Quarterly Report ECY 070-529April 2016
Complete Construction Notice ECY 040-30BApril 2016
Begin Construction Notice ECY 040-30AApril 2016
Application for Permit to Use Artificially Stored GW - Quincy Subarea ECY 040-1-96January 2016
Dam Safety - Operation and Maintenance Plan Form ECY 070-39December 2015
Dam Safety - Application for Dam Construction Permit ECY 070-38December 2015
Assignment of Application or Permit to Appropriate or Store Water ECY 040-1-61September 2015
Drought Relief Grant/Loan Application Implementation ECY 070-176July 2015
Proof Report of Examination and Recommendation Summary by a Certified Water Right Examiner ECY 070-498June 2015
Proof of Appropriation of Water ECY 040-1-26June 2015
Form 1 - Measuring Device Information ECY 070-170May 2015
Renew Application Well Construction Operator's License ECY 050-1-22May 2015
Application for Well Construction Operator Training License - Resource Protection or Water Well ECY 050-1-21BMay 2015
Well Construction Operator's License Application ECY 050-1-21AMay 2015
Voluntary Relinquishment of Certificate of Water Right ECY 040-1-100May 2015
Application for Change/Transfer of Water Right ECY 040-1-97April 2015
Application for a Water Right ECY 040-1-14March 2015
Continuing Education Instruction Sheet for Providers - Application & Syllabus ECY 070-253December 2014
Donation of a Water Right to the State Trust Water Right Program ECY 070-488June 2014
Application for Change/Transfer decision to Withdraw a Record of Decision and Report of Exam ECY 040-107May 2014
Water Conservancy Board Application For Change/Transfer Record Of Decision ECY 040-105May 2014
Water Conservancy Board Training Credit Request Form ECY 040-104May 2014
Dam Safety - Emergency Action Plan ECY 070-383March 2014
Request for a Conforming Document ECY 070-151February 2014
Application For Reservoir Permit ECY 040-1-60September 2013
Application for Certified Water Right Examiner ECY 070-376March 2013
Amended Claim for Water Right ECY 040-6February 2013
Notice of Intent Addendum ECY 070-479January 2013
Water Right Pre-Application Consultation Form ECY 070-440February 2012
Notice of Intent Refund Request ECY 070-195January 2012
Request for Determination of Water Budget Neutrality ECY 070-371July 2011
Water Use Data Collection Reporting Form ECY 070-171March 2011
Observation Well Schedule ECY 040-1-89March 2011
Lummi Peninsula Annual Well Report (for Supply Wells) ECY 070-277February 2011
Water Resources Program - Farm Registration Form ECY 070-372April 2010
Variance Request Minimum Standards for Well Construction ECY 070-299April 2010
Request for Existing Water Right Information ECY 040-67January 2010
Application for a Variance to Court Ordered Date for installing a Measuring Device in the Yakima Adjudication ECY 070-178November 2008
Request for Administrative Confirmation of Division of a Water Right ECY 070-88November 2006
Odessa Subarea Conservation Relinquishment Exception Form ECY 070-222July 2006
Agricultural Water Supply Facilities Grant Application for Comprehensive Water Conservation Plan ECY 020-7February 2006
Instructions and General Information Relative to Reservoir Permits ECY 040-1-82July 2005
Notice Of Intent To Construct A Monitoring/Resource Protection Well ECY 040-22September 2004
Voluntary Abandonment of a Water Right Certificate ECY 070-159July 2004
Voluntary Partial Abandonment of Water Right Claim ECY 070-48February 2003
Voluntary Abandonment of Water Right Claim ECY 070-47February 2003
Dam Safety - Declaration of Dam Construction Completion ECY 070-40January 2003
Notice Of Intent To Construct A Geotechnical Soil Boring ECY 040-55October 2002
Notice Of Intent To Construct An Environmental Investigation Well ECY 040-52June 2002
Notice of Intent To Decommission A Well ECY 040-24April 2002
Notice Of Intent To Construct A Dewatering Well ECY 040-23April 2002
Notice Of Intent To Construct A Water Well ECY 040-21April 2002