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Air Quality (30 publications 1987-2016)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
General Regulations For Air Pollution Sources 173-400May 2016
Operating Permit Regulation 173-401February 2016
Kraft Pulping Mills 173-405February 1991
Acid Rain Regulation 173-406November 1994
Carbon Dioxide Mitigation Program, Greenhouse Gases Emissions Performance Standard and Sequestration Plans and Programs for Thermal Electric Generating Facilities 173-407June 2008
Sulfite Pulping Mills 173-410February 1991
Primary Aluminum Plants 173-415August 2005
Conformity Of Transportation Activities To Air Quality Implementation Plans 173-420August 1995
Motor Vehicle Emission Control Systems 173-421September 1987
Motor Vehicle Emission Inspection 173-422June 2002
Motor Vehicle Emission Inspection - Not effective until July 1, 2012 173-422AAugust 2011
Low Emission Vehicles 173-423May 2016
Outdoor Burning 173-425March 2000
Agricultural Burning 173-430November 2010
Solid Fuel Burning Devices 173-433January 2014
Solid Waste Incinerator Facilities 173-434December 2003
Emergency Episode Plan 173-435January 1989
Reporting of Emissions of Greenhouse Gases 173-441September 2016
Clean Air Rule 173-442September 2016
Establishing Requirements For The Receipt of Financial Aid (formerly Chapter 18–20 WAC) 173-450September 1987
Air Quality Fee Regulation 173-455November 2012
Controls For New Sources Of Toxic Air Pollutants 173-460May 2009
Ambient Air Quality Standards 173-476May 2016
Ambient Air Quality Standards and Emission Limits For Radionuclides 173-480May 2007
Ambient Air Quality And Environmental Standards For Fluorides 173-481August 2005
Petroleum Refinery Greenhouse Gas Emission Requirements 173-485April 2014
Emission Standards And Controls For Sources EmittingVolatile Organic Compounds (voc) 173-490February 1998
Emission Standards And Controls For SourcesEmitting Gasoline Vapors 173-491September 2007
Motor Fuel Specifications For Oxygenated Gasoline 173-492September 1996
Weather Modification 173-495September 2007