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Joint Aquatic Resource Permits Application (JARPA) (Obsolete)

Form number Date Published Date Revised
ECY 070-15July 2002March 2010
VIEW NOW: This publication is not available on the Ecology website.
Description You can use the One-Stop JARPA Permit Center link to apply for any or all of the permits below:


*U.S. Army Corps of Engineers(Corps): Section 10 and 404 permits
*U.S. Coast Guard: General Bridge permits and Private Aids to Navigation permits (PATON)

*Washington Department Ecology: 401 Water Quality Certifications
*Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife: Hydraulic Project Approvals
*Washington Department of Natural Resources: Use Authorizations for State-Owned Aquatic Lands

Local (City or County)

*Shoreline Conditional Use Permit
*Shoreline Substantial Development Permit
*Shoreline Variance
*Shoreline Exemption
*Shoreline Revision

Visit the One-Stop E-Permitting Services Web site below for instructions and helpful handouts.
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  • The publication Joint Aquatic Resource Permits Application (JARPA) is obsolete and unavailable.
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WEB PAGE One-Stop JARPA Permit Center

Application for Streamlined Process for Fish Habitat Enhanced Projects