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Developing Conditional Points of Compliance at MTCA Sites Where Groundwater Discharges to Surface Water (Implementation Memorandum No. 16)

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16-09-053July 2017
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Author(s) Jerome Cruz and Mark Adams
Description This memorandum provides guidance from the Washington State Department of Ecology for setting conditional points of compliance for groundwater at contaminated sites where a contaminant plume is discharging, or could discharge, to surface water. A point of compliance is the location where cleanup levels must be met at a contaminated site. This guidance applies to contaminated sites cleaned up under RCW 70.105D, Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA), and its implementing regulations, WAC 173-340 (MTCA rule) and WAC 173-204 (Sediment Management Standards rule). It is intended to be used by Ecology cleanup project managers, local governments, environmental consultants, and others who are involved in the cleanup process under MTCA.
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Keywords Conditional point of compliance, Contamination plume, Sediment Management Standards (SMS), Groundwater monitoring well, Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA), contaminated groundwater, contamination
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