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Tackling Toxics: Testing Children's Products

Publication number Date Published
14-07-011April 2014
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Description Toxic chemicals, especially long-lasting ones that build up over time, can be found everywhere -- our air, land, water, and bodies. Children are more sensitive to toxic chemicals than the general population.

Ecology has tested more than 200 children's products sold in Washington to verify that manufacturers are following laws that regulate the use of toxic chemicals. In this video, Ecology's Carol Kraege, who leads our efforts to reduce toxic threats, tells the tale of a baby shoe that was removed from stores after failing to meet standards.

Preventing exposure is the smartest, cheapest and healthiest way to protect people and the environment, and this principle guides the Department of Ecology's work to reduce toxic threats (see: throughout Washington. To learn more about limits on toxic chemicals in consumer products, read about the Children's Safe Products Act and toxics in packaging. You can also follow our ECOconnect blog series Tackling Toxics.
Contact Kraege, Carol at 360-407-6906 or
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