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Methods for Producing Biochar and Advanced Bio-fuels in Washington State Part 2: Literature Review of the Biomass Supply Chain and Preprocessing Technologies From Field to Pyrolysis Reactor

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12-07-033May 2012
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Author(s) Manuel Garcia-Perez, Et al
Description Turning organic waste into resources like bio-fuels and other valuable products, in addition to recovering stable carbon and nutrients, promotes economic vitality and aides in the protection of the environment. This creates robust markets and sustainable jobs in multiple sectors of the economy and facilitates closed-loop material management where a by-product from one process becomes feedstock for another with no or minimal waste generated.

The objective of this review is to describe existing technologies to create clean, non-polluting pyrolysis units for the production of energy, fuels and valuable by-products. The Department of Ecology and Washington State University provide this publication to help the public understand and take advantage of existing technologies to handle and pre-treat biomass resources that will be converted via fast or slow pyrolysis into liquid transportation fuels, bio-chemicals and biochar. Another goal of this project is to identify what new technologies need to be developed or what hurdles need to be overcome to convert organic waste resources available in Washington State into valuable products. This review does not represent an endorsement of the processes described and does not intend to exclude any technology or company offering similar services which, due to time and space limitations, was not cited in this report.
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