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Rule Adoption Notice: Walla Walla River Basin, Chapter 173-532 WAC (Obsolete)

Publication number Date Published
07-11-030August 2007
VIEW NOW: This publication is not available on the Ecology website.
Author(s) Travis Burns
Description As a result of legislation passed in 2003 (ESSB 5766) Ecology is required to send out notification to businesses affected by rule adoptions. This rule amends chapter 173-532 WAC, Water Resources Program for the Walla Walla River basin. The original rule, adopted in 1977, established seasonal closures on most surface waters during critical summer months; and protected surface water rights from new ground water permits by restricting drilling. In 1994, we determined that the gravel aquifers are connected to surface waters, and that continual use of those aquifers may impair existing surface water rights. Since 1996, no new surface or ground water rights have been issued.
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