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Implementation Plan for the Adoption of Chapter 173-308 WAC, Biosolids Management (Obsolete)

Publication number Date Published
07-07-018April 2007
VIEW NOW: This publication is not available on the Ecology website.
Author(s) Thompson, Daniel
Description Biosolids are a necessary and unavoidable product of wastewater treatment and contain nutrients essential for plant growth. Biosolids also contain trace amounts of pollutants and some microorganisms, and must be properly treated and managed to protect public health and the environment.

Washington State has its own authority for regulating biosolids. The 1992 State Legislature passed into law a bill which became in part Chapter 70.95J RCW. This chapter recognizes biosolids as a valuable commodity and directs the Department of Ecology (Ecology) to implement a program which maximizes beneficial use of biosolids. Ecology published Chapter 173-308 WAC, Biosolids Management in the spring of 1998.

Ecology’s primary role is to provide regulatory oversight and assistance for wastewater treatment plants and other facilities which generate, treat, and use biosolids. The biosolids program is designed to protect public health and the environment while encouraging the beneficial use of a valuable resource. Ecology’s biosolids activities include development of laws, regulations, and guidelines; issuance of permits; technical assistance to the regulated community, local jurisdictional health departments, consultants, and members of the public interested in biosolids management issues; and enforcement of the regulations and permits.
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