Hanford Facility Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Permit, Dangerous Waste Portion for the Treatment, Storage, and Disposal of Dangerous Waste

Enforceable Permit:

Issued in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Hazardous Waste Management Act, Chapter 70A.300 Revised Code of Washington (RCW), and the regulations promulgated there under in Chapter 173‑303 Washington Administrative Code (WAC). 

Common Name: The Hanford Site-Wide Permit Revision 8C
Permit Number: WA7890008967
Permit Modification Number: 8C.2024.Q1 as appended by 24590-WTP-PCN-ENV-23-008, 24590-WTP-PCN-ENV-23-003.

*Please note:  The Change Control Logs will serve as an up to date record of modifications and version history of the permit. Change control logs for units are attached to the beginning of their respective "Unit-Specific Conditions" file. When appropriate, file specific change control logs are attached at the beginning of their respective files.

Expiration Date: Expires when permit is reissued



Permit Attachment Change Control Log

Part I and II

Part I Standard and Part II General Facility Conditions

Part III Unit-Specific Conditions for Final Status Operations

Part IV Unit Specific Conditions for Corrective Action

100-NR-1 (CAU 1)


Part V Unit-Specific Conditions for Units Undergoing Closure

Part VI Unit-Specific Conditions for Units in Post-Closure


For more information about Revision 8C, please contact Stacie Sexton, Revision 8C Permit Coordinator, (509) 392-2738.

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