100-NR-1 Operable Unit Corrective Action Unit Group 1 (CAU-1)

Corrective Action Unit 1: This site includes solid waste management units and one-time spill sites that are undergoing corrective action.

Enforceable Permit:

Issued in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Hazardous Waste Management Act, Chapter 70.105 Revised Code of Washington (RCW), and the regulations promulgated there under in Chapter 173‑303 Washington Administrative Code (WAC). 

Permit Number: WA7890008967

Unit Specific Conditions


  1. Comparative Analysis of Remedial Alternatives
  2. Corrective Measures
  3. Applicable or Relevant and Appropriate Requirements
  4. Cost Estimates
  5. Comparative Analysis of Alternatives
  6. Recommended Alternatives
  7. Integration Plan for D&D & Remedial Action
  8. Hanford Generating Plant

Supporting Documents:

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