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Nuclear Waste Program

Waste Treatment & Immobilization Plant
Operating Unit Group 10 (OUG-10)

[TSD ID#: H-0-8] Located east of Hanford’s 200 East Area, WTP is under construction, and has a legal deadline to start operating in 2019. It will treat the 56 million gallons of waste in Hanford’s 177 underground tanks to convert it to a stable glass form in a process called vitrification. It consists of four main facilities: pretreatment, low-activity waste vitrification, high-activity waste vitrification, and a laboratory to support this work.


Fact Sheet Conditions


A: Part A Form E1: Inspection Schedule
B: Waste Analysis Plan F: Contingency Plan
B1: Waste Treatment Plant Waste Analysis Plan F1: Emergency Response
B2: Quality Assurance Project Plan G: Personnel Training
C: Process Information H: Closure Plan
C1: PI Figures I: RESERVED
E: Procedures to Prevent Hazards K: Reporting and Recordkeeping


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For more information about the Waste Treatment & Immobilization Plant
contact Dan McDonald, Tank Waste Disposal Project Manager, (509) 372-7950.

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Quick Facts Card