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Nuclear Waste Program

Appendix 8: Pretreatment Facility Building - Index

Appendix 8.1 Process Flow Diagrams
Appendix 8.2 Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams
Appendix 8.3 System Description Documentation (RESERVED)
Appendix 8.4 General Arrangement Drawings
Appendix 8.5 Civil, Structural, and Architectural Criteria and Typical Design Details
Appendix 8.6 Mechanical Drawings
Appendix 8.7 Specifications
Appendix 8.8 Engineering Calculations
Appendix 8.9 Material Selection Documentation
Appendix 8.10 Critical Systems Equipment/Instrument List
Appendix 8.11 IQRPE Reports
Appendix 8.12 Installation Plans (RESERVED)
Appendix 8.13 Instrument Control Logic and Narrative Descriptions
Appendix 8.14 Descriptions of Instrument Installation and Testing Procedures (RESERVED)
Appendix 8.15 Demonstration Test Plan (RESERVED)
Appendix 8.16 Demonstration Test Report (RESERVED)
Appendix 8.17 Treatment Effectiveness Report (RESERVED)
Appendix 8.18 Operating Documents

RESERVED - indicates more documents may be included as the Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant continues to be constructed.

For more information about the Waste Treatment & Immobilization Plant
contact Dan McDonald, Tank Waste Disposal Project Manager, (509) 372-7950.