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Nuclear Waste Program

Waste Treatment & Immobilization Plant
Operating Unit Group 10 (OUG-10)

[TSD ID#: H-0-8] Located east of Hanford's 200 East Area, WTP is under construction, and has a legal deadline to start operating in 2019. It will treat the 56 million gallons of waste in Hanford's 177 underground tanks to convert it to a stable glass form in a process called vitrification. It consists of four main facilities: pretreatment, low-activity waste vitrification, high-activity waste vitrification, and a laboratory to support this work.

Enforceable Permit:

Issued in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Hazardous Waste Management Act, Chapter 70.105 Revised Code of Washington (RCW), and the regulations promulgated there under in Chapter 173‑303 Washington Administrative Code (WAC). 

Permit Number: WA7890008967

Unit Specific Conditions


1: Part A Form 4G: Direct-Feed Low Activity Waste (Effluent Management Facility)
Part A Attachment 1 4H: Analytical Laboratory (LAB)
2: Topographic Map 4I: Balance of Facilities
3: Waste Analysis Plan (WAP) 5.0: RESERVED

3A: Waste Analysis Plan for the Baseline Configuration

6.0: Procedures to Prevent Hazards

3B: Quality Assurance Project Plan

6A: Inspection Plan

3C: Waste Analysis Plan for the DFLAW configuration

7.0: Contingency Plan

4.0: Process Information 8.0: Personnel Training

4A: Figures and Drawings


4C: Compliance with Uniform Building Code Seismic Design Requirements

4D: Pretreatment Facility (PTF) 11.0: Closure
4E: Low-Activity Waste (LAW) Vitrification Facility 11A: Sampling and Analysis Plan for Closure of WTP Facility
4F: High-Level Waste (HLW) Vitrification Facility


Appendices (1 - 13.18)