Current Notice of Construction (NOC) Approval Orders

Ecology issues Notice of Construction Approval Orders to the Department of Energy for criteria and toxic pollutant air emissions pursuant to Chapter 173-400 Washington Administrative Code (WAC) and Chapter 173-460 WAC. A notice of construction approval order limits the amount of air pollutants that can be emitted from new or modified sources. To view each approval order, click on the individual links below:

94-07 (AY-AZ Exhauster)
96NW-1-301 (ETF)
97NM-138 (200-300 Area Steam Plant Replacement)
DE00NWP-002 (CWC)
DE01NWP-002 (T-Plant)
DE01NWP-003 (WTP Batch Plant)
DE02NWP-001 (300 Area Standby Power)
DE02NWP-002 (WTP)
DE03NWP-002 (WRAP)
DE05NWP-001 (AN-AW Farm)
DE05NWP-002 (SST Retrieval)
DE05NWP-004 (IDF)
DE06NWP-001 (E-85 Fuel)
DE07NWP-001 (Hammer)
DE07NWP-002 (100 Area)
DE07NWP-003 (ETF)
DE07NWP-004 (WTP Heaters and Dehumidifiers)
DE08NWP-001 (Building 339A Emergency Diesel Generator)
DE11NWP001 Rev 4 (AY-AZ AP SY DST)
DE12NWP-001 (Sewage Lagoon)
DE12NWP-003 (Diesel Water Heater)
DE14NWP-001 (Tank Farm Rotary Core Sampler)
DE15NWP001 Rev 1 (Engine)
DE18NWP-001 (AW Tank Farm Exhausters)
DE19NWP-001 (Water Supply)
DE19NWP-003 (241-AP)
DE21NWP-001 (South Fire Station)
DE21NWP-002 (Basin 41 Pugmill)
NWP-96-1 (200A Diesel Generators)

Link to final Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) permit No. PSD-02-01 and amendments:


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