Hanford Air Permitting

The Air Operating Permit (AOP) protects the people and air resources of Washington State through coordination of permitting and regulatory issues associated with the Federal Clean Air Act and the Washington Clean Air Act (Revised Code of Washington 70.94.161 and Appendix A to Part 70 of Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations). Ecology is the lead agency for the Hanford AOP. Through an interagency agreement and a delegation, the Hanford AOP is enforced by three agencies. Ecology regulates non-radioactive toxics, criteria air emissions and asbestos, the Washington State Department of Health regulates radioactive air emissions, and Benton Clean Air Agency regulates outdoor burning.

Renewal 3 (Current Enforceable Permit)

Renewal 2 Revision B - (Archive)

Memorandum of Understanding Between Washington State Department of Health and Washington State Department of Ecology Regarding Hanford Radioactive Air Emissions

Ecology issues Notice of Construction Approval Orders to the Department of Energy for criteria and toxic pollutant air emissions pursuant to Chapter 173-400 Washington Administrative Code (WAC) and Chapter 173-460 WAC. A notice of construction approval order limits the amount of air pollutants that can be emitted from new or modified sources.

Current Notice of Construction approval orders


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