Welcome to the online, interactive 2012 Stormwater Management Manual for Western Washington, as Amended in December 2014 (The 2014 SWMMWW). Use the navigation pane on the left to go paperless with us and enjoy easy access to the 1,000-page manual on your desktop or tablet.

The document contains cross reference links to other sections within the manual and links to outside references. It provides you with enhanced search capabilities, responsive content for mobile devices, and many more useful features.

We have made every effort to modify only the format and maintain all content from the original publication 14-10-055. If you find any content discrepancies, Ecology's original publication 14-10-055 will overrule. If you find a discrepancy or have questions, you may contact Amanda Heye at amanda.heye@ecy.wa.gov.

Click below for a short video detailing some of the features of the new online format.

In addition, here are some downloads you may find useful:

2014 SWMMWW (PDF - 41MB) **NOTE this PDF is not the original publication. This PDF is an output document from this online version, which includes minor formatting changes (e.g. full page figures, decreased margins). Therefore, the page numbers on the PDF linked here will not match the page numbers in the original publication (linked above).

2014 SWMMWW Figures (PDF - 15MB) This is a single PDF file with all figures from the 2014 SWMMWW.

2014 SWMMWW Figures (DWG - 260MB) This file is a .zip folder with individual files for each figure, in DWG (AutoCAD) format.