Olympic View Sanitary Landfill
10015 SW Barney White Rd, Port Orchard, WA 98367


Draft Periodic Review Available for Public Review and Comment

Ecology invites you to review and comment on a periodic review for the Olympic View Sanitary Landfill site. A periodic review is conducted at least every five years after beginning cleanup at a site or property, as required by the Model Toxics Control Act.

The purposes of the review are to evaluate site conditions and ensure continued protection of human health and the environment, when institutional controls are used as part of a remedy. In addition, during this periodic review, Ecology considered the Site owner’s request to modify the groundwater compliance monitoring program by reducing the number of wells monitored and changing the monitoring frequency of some wells. The downward trends in contaminant concentrations and the long monitoring record were factors that led Ecology to agree with some reductions in monitoring.

Ecology will review comments received during the comment period and make recommendations for suggested changes. The periodic review will become final if no significant changes are made. An additional public comment period will be held if significant changes are made.

Please direct comments and questions to the periodic review coordinator:

Madeline Wall, Site Manager
Northwest Regional Office
3190 160th Ave SE.
Bellevue, WA 98008

Phone: (425) 649-7015
Email: madeline.wall@ecy.wa.gov

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The Olympic View Sanitary Landfill site is in Kitsap County located at 10015 SW Barney White Road in Port Orchard, Washington.  The landfill is west of the Bremerton National Airport and adjacent to the Port of Bremerton’s Olympic View Industrial Park. 

The landfill occupies 65 acres of a 436 acre site.  The landfill operated as a municipal sanitary landfill since 1963 under various private ownerships.  Waste Management of Washington, Inc. (WM WA), is the current owner.

Since 1975, the landfill has operated under solid waste regulations and has both unlined and lined cells.  The landfill closed in 2003 and is now conducts post-closure monitoring and maintenance under a permit issued by the Kitsap Public Health District.

Groundwater contamination at the Site prompted investigation and improvements to operations at the landfill.  WM WA conducted a Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study which were documented in reports made available to the public for review and comment in November 2010.  Ecology prepared a draft Cleanup Action Plan which was also available for public review at that time. 

The selected cleanup action for the Site is described in the Cleanup Action Plan and includes:

  • Operate and maintain the existing source control and containment systems
  • Repair, modify, and upgrade the landfill systems
  • Install additional landfill gas extraction wells
  • Monitor groundwater and soil gas
  • Monitor the natural attenuation of contaminants
  • Continue institutional controls


In June 2011, Ecology and WM WA signed an Agreed Order for implementing the Cleanup Action Plan. Attachments to the Order include the Cleanup Action Plan and an Environmental (Restrictive) Covenant that establishes limitations on the use of the landfill property.


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Map showing site location as Kitsap County, WA SITE INFORMATION


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Site Summary Report

Facility Site ID: # 79649975

Cleanup Site ID: 4217

Port Orchard, Kitsap County

Status: Cleanup Started   Get definitions of Status terminology

Comment Period:
MARCH 02, 2017 - APRIL 03, 2017

Madeline Wall
Site Manager

Nancy Lui
Public Involvement Coordinator
(425) 649-7117

Document Repositories:

Northwest Regional Office
3190 160th Ave SE
Bellevue, 98008-5452

North Mason Timberland Library
23081 NE State Route 3
Belfair, 98528

Kitsap County Health District
345 6th St, Suite 300
Bremerton, 98337