The Historic Skykomish School
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The Department of Ecology has approved the completion of operations of the Hot Water Flushing (HWF) Treatment System at the Skykomish School. The system has been operating for the past two summers (2016, 2017) and has met the cleanup goals.

Ecology based this decision on data provided in The 2017 Hot Water Flushing Remediation Performance Report, dated April 2, 2018.

The treatment system can now be decommissioned, the sheet-pile barrier around the school can be removed, and site restoration work can begin in and around the school. Ecology anticipates that BNSF will develop a schedule for this work shortly.
Treatment Facts:

  • 14 million gallons of contaminated groundwater treated;
  • 54 gallons of dissolved oil removed from the contaminated groundwater;
  • 98 gallons of oil removed by the oil recovery system.

Ecology will continue to oversee vapor monitoring within the school, and groundwater monitoring outside the school to insure the safety of students, school staff, the community, and the environment.
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Historic Skykomish Railyard
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The former railway maintenance and fueling facility in the town of Skykomish was operated by BNSF Railway Company. Historical activities at the site included refueling and maintaining locomotives and operating an electrical substation. These activities resulted in the release of petroleum and heavy metals to the surrounding environment. BNSF is conducting the cleanup of the contamination at the site with Ecology oversight.

Significant achievements from the Skykomish Cleanup to date:

  • Over 350,000 tons of contaminated soil removed;
  • Over 218,000 gallons of oil removed and recycled;
  • Over 20 million gallons of contaminated water treated;
  • 21 properties cleaned with structures moved and restored;
  • 2 wetlands cleaned and restored;
  • Maloney Creek channel improved for habitat and reduced flooding;
  • Completion and operation of a town waste water treatment system.


Skykomish Town Center
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Former Maloney Creek-East (FMC-E) Wetland/Upland Project
Cleanup work was successful on Maloney Creek and the Former Maloney Creek -East Wetland in 2011.  Maloney Creek was dredged and the sediment used to fill in FMC-E Wetland.  In 2009 and 2010,  Ecology worked with BNSF and the Town to develop a new way to approach the cleanup of the FMC-E Wetland.  The Cleanup Action Plan (CAP) originally called for the FMC-E Wetland to be excavated and replaced.  That plan did not address issues such as habitat restoration outside of the wetland, flooding in Skykomish, or land uses envisioned by the citizens of Skykomish in 2005 when they developed the Vision for Skykomish document, which was a major driver of the CAP.  The 2011 cleanup work incorporated those elements and was more consistent with the original vision of the citizens of Skykomish by taking a more global approach to the cleanup of the FMC-E Wetland.

Community Waste Water Treatment System (WWTS)
One of the biggest elements to the Skykomish cleanup was the construction of a new waste water treatment system. Construction on the system got started in 2008, and proceeded through 2010. Now, all hookups are complete on the system, and it is running smoothly. The Town is now moving forward on its own to develop Phase 3 of the WWTS, which will take service across the river to businesses there, and on to the Sky Lane Community. Any questions on these efforts can be directed to the Town of Skykomish at 360-677-2388.


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Facility Site ID: # 2104

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Skykomish, King County

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Brian Sato
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