Intalco Aluminum Corp Ferndale


Located at 4050 Mountain View Road in Ferndale, cleanup activities at this Site include closure of several landfills Intalco used to dispose of wastes created by aluminum production.

Beach 1 landfill (closed November 29, 2005), Beach 2 landfill (closed November 25, 2005), and the Closed Construction Debris landfill (closed October 4, 2006), contained solid waste and construction debris. Testing at these sites found chemicals of concern, including:  

  • Fluoride, aluminum, chromium, copper, lead, zinc, PCBs, and PAHs in the groundwater.
  • Fluoride and aluminum in the surface water.
  • PCBs, PAHs, and fluoride in the soil.

In response to this concern, waste from the Beach 1 and Beach 2 landfills were moved to the Double-Lined and Triple-Lined landfills. The cleanup of the Closed Construction Debris Landfill included stabilizing slopes and installing a protective cover.

  • The Double-Lined landfill, closed September 14, 2007, contains solid waste and construction debris.
  • The Triple-Lined landfill, closed November 28, 2012, contains dangerous waste (spent potliner), solid waste, and construction debris.

Since this was done, contamination from the landfills has been below levels of concern. Long term monitoring for fluoride, weak acid dissociable cyanide, and total PCBs from Beach 1, Beach 2 and the Closed Construction Debris landfills is required on a semi-annual basis.


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Facility Site ID: # 16

Cleanup Site ID: 2280

Ferndale, Whatcom County

Status: Cleanup Complete-Active O&M/Monitoring   Get definitions of Status terminology

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