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Ecology invites your comments on the draft periodic review report for the Pacific Plaza Garage site.

Environmental cleanup is complete at the site, and the draft periodic review report shows that cleanup work remains effective in protecting the health of people and the environment.  Ecology may modify the draft report if new information is submitted during the comment period.

After cleanup, some petroleum contaminated soil remained on the site. To prevent exposure to that contamination, a restrictive covenant was filed for the site in 2013. The covenant restricts property use and requires maintenance of a pavement cap to eliminate exposure to contaminated soil.

When an environmental covenant exists for a cleanup site, Ecology reviews site conditions at least every five years to ensure long-term effectiveness of the cleanup action.

Based on Ecology's inspection of the site on May 23, 2018, the Plaza building and asphalt cover and/or concrete sidewalk on the City's right-of-way continue to eliminate exposure to contaminated soils. 


Draft Periodic Review Report


The Pacific Plaza Garage entirely occupies the approximately 0.2 acre site.  The building is a multi-level parking garage and office space. The site is located among urban commercial and business properties.  The building was constructed in the 1970s.  Later remodeling revealed an underground storage tank (UST) on the property.

Investigators found that the UST had leaked and contaminated nearby soil with diesel and heavy oil petroleum hydrocarbons. Groundwater contamination and volatile organic compounds were not a concern at the site.

Cleanup Site History

Pacific Plaza Garage cleaned up the site under Ecology's Voluntary Cleanup Program.

In 2008, Pacific Plaza Garage:

  • Removed the UST, 700 gallons of liquid petroleum products, and 100 gallons of sludge.
  • Excavated, removed, and disposed of 472 tons of contaminated soil.

After cleanup, soil samples collected at the site indicated that all but two localized areas were below petroleum cleanup levels. Excavation of more soil from the two remaining contaminated areas was limited by the location of the garage's structural foundation columns and the Pacific Ave right-of-way.  The localized pockets of petroleum contaminated soil were left in place and covered by asphalt/concrete pavement to eliminate people's contact with contaminated soils.  

In 2013, Ecology removed the Pacific Plaza Garage site from the Hazardous Sites list after holding a public comment period. 



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Site Summary Report

Facility Site ID: # 9198

Cleanup Site ID: 1367

Tacoma, Pierce County

Status: No Further Action   Get definitions of Status terminology

Comment Period:
JANUARY 03, 2019 - FEBRUARY 03, 2019

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