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The Camp Bonneville Military Reservation Site (Camp Bonneville) is approximately 4,000 acres in size. Over half of the Site is forested land.

The Department of Defense (DOD) owned and operated Camp Bonneville for firing range practice and training from 1910 to 1995. The camp was officially closed in 1995. Since then, investigations have been ongoing to characterize the contamination from the ammunitions and other hazardous substances, clean up the Site, and to develop a plan for re-using the Site once it is cleaned up. Contaminants identified at the Site include: unexploded ordnance, explosive compounds, lead, petroleum products, pesticides and volatile organic compounds in the soil, and perchlorate and explosive chemicals in the groundwater.
For cleanup purposes, Camp Bonneville has been divided into five remedial action units (RAU).  These units are primarily grouped by the nature of the particular release, not by physical boundaries.

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 Site ID


Cleanup Status

RAU -1
 1513 Consists of 20 areas where
hazardous substances (other  than military ammuntion) have been found.
 RAU - 2A
(Small Arms Ranges)
 3867 Covers lead contamination at 21 small arms ranges. In progress. Cleanup work remains at two of the small arms ranges
RAU - 2B
Munitions Disposal Areas

Consists of explosive chemical contamination at two demolition areas (demolition areas 2 and 3) where ammunitions were either burned or detonated.

RAU - 2C Munitions Disposal Area/Solid Waste  861 Covers explosive chemicals and perchlorate contamination at a landfill area that was also used to burn or detonate ammuntion including Demolition Area 1/Landfill 4. In progress. The soil removal action is complete, groundwater investigations and monitoring continues.
RAU - 3
Unexploded Ordnance and munitions
 2216 Includes the entire site where unexploded ordnance and munitions are located. In progress. The soil removal action is complete, groundwater investigations and monitoring continues.

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From 2003 to 2006, the US Army conducted investigations and cleanup actions at Camp Bonneville under an Ecology-issued Enforcement Order. In 2006, the US Army transferred the Camp Bonneville deed to Clark County. The county is coordinating cleanup under a 2012 Amended Prospective Purchaser Consent Decree (Decree) with Ecology. The Decree requires cleanup be completed at the entire Camp Bonneville Site. The US Army is responsible for funding cleanup activities at Camp Bonneville.

The Decree outlines the investigation and cleanup actions, and provides the legal framework and assurances that the project will be completed as planned for the entire site. Information about this Decree is available on this website and at the information center located at the WSU Vancouver Reading Room.



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