Document Repository for Scott Paper Mill
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Group: Legal

 Agreed Order01/27/2005Agreed OrderShow
 Final Draft for Public Comment01/27/2005Agreed OrderShow
 Kimberly Clark Agreed Order01/27/2005Agreed OrderShow
 Scott Paper Mill response to comments on Consent Decree June 200906/08/2009Consent DecreeShow
 Port of Anacortes Scott Paper Mill Former Final Consent Decree06/12/2009Consent DecreeShow
 Scott Paper Mill Environmental Covenant November 201311/20/2013Environmental Covenant; Alternative MechanismShow

Group: Public Information

 Scott Paper Mill Consent Decree Fact Sheet February 200902/05/2009Fact Sheet\Public NoticesShow
 Scott Paper Mill Final Fact Sheet August 201808/20/2018Fact Sheet\Public NoticesShow

Group: Technical Reports

 Scott Paper Mill Site Hazard Assessment02/01/2004Site Hazard Assessment ReportShow
 Scott Paper Mill CAP May, 200905/09/2009Cleanup Action PlanShow
 Scott Paper Mill Final Engineering Design Report March 201003/11/2010Engineering Design ReportShow
 Scott Paper Mill Draft Final Periodic Review August 201808/20/2018Periodic Review (5 Year)Show