Document Repository for Maury Island Open Space
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Group: Legal

 Maury Island Open Space Agreed Order for RI, FS and draft CAP 201302/04/2013Agreed OrderShow

Group: Public Information

 Maury Island Open Space Fact Sheet AO for RI FS 201211/26/2012Fact Sheet\Public NoticesShow
 Maury Island Open Space Public Participation Plan02/04/2013Public Participation PlanShow
 Maury Island Responsiveness Summary for 2012 Comment period for Agreed Order02/04/2013Responsiveness SummaryShow
 Maury Island Open Space - Interim Action Public Comment Period - Fact Sheet - June 201607/11/2016Fact Sheet\Public NoticesShow

Group: State Environmental Policy Act

 SEPA Determination of Non-Significance and Checklist03/01/2018SEPA DocumentsShow

Group: Technical Reports

 Maury Island Gravel Mine Impact Study - Nearshore Impact Assessment03/01/2000Remedial Investigation ReportShow
 Maury Island Open Space RI/FS Work Plan 201011/05/2010Remedial Investigation Work PlanShow
 Maury Island Open Space Draft Final Skeet Range Investigation Report06/27/2011Remedial Investigation ReportShow
 Maury Island Open Space - Final Remedial Investigation06/02/2014Remedial Investigation ReportShow
 Maury Island Open Space - Interim Action Workplan - June 201606/30/2016Interim Action DocumentsShow
 Maury Island - Draft Cleanup Action Plan - March 201803/01/2018Cleanup Action PlanShow
 Maury Island - Feasibility Study - March 201803/01/2018Feasibility StudyShow
 Maury Island - Remedial Investigation - March 201803/01/2018Remedial Investigation ReportShow