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Manufacturer Registration List - E-Cycle Washington

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List of Registered Manufacturers

This list is current as of: Friday, January 24, 2020

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Brand NameManufacturerStatusEffective DateTelevisionLaptopDesktopMonitorOtherOther Products
3M Dynapro3M Touch SystemsIn Compliance12/13/2019      
4th Dimension Computer4th Dimension ComputerIn Compliance11/19/2019  X   
ACC TechAngel Computer Systems IncIn Compliance12/9/2019      
AcerAcer America CorpIn Compliance1/2/2020XXXXXTablet
ADVENTVOXX International Corp.In Compliance11/21/2019      
AG NeovoAG Neovo Technology CorpIn Violation    X  
AiwaSony Electronics IncIn Compliance1/2/2020      
Alden3MD Inc.In Compliance12/26/2019  X   
AlienwareDell Computer CorpIn Compliance12/11/2019 XXX  
AMBRAInternational Business Machines Corp.In Compliance11/19/2019      
AmdekDell Computer CorpIn Compliance12/11/2019      
AOCEnvision Peripherals IncPending1/14/2020XX X  
AOpenAcer America CorpIn Compliance1/2/2020   X  
AppleApplePending12/6/2019 XXXXTablet
AptivaInternational Business Machines Corp.In Compliance11/19/2019      
AspectHitachi America, LTD. Digital Media DivisionIn Compliance12/26/2019   X  
AspireAcer America CorpIn Compliance1/2/2020 XX   
ASUSAsus Computer InternationalIn Compliance12/3/2019 XXX  
AudiovoxVOXX International Corp.In Compliance11/21/2019      
AventuraFunai Corporation, Inc.In Compliance11/19/2019      
BarbieMattel, Inc.In Compliance12/13/2019      
BenQBenQ America CorpIn Compliance12/13/2019   X  
BroksonicBroksonic c/o Hatzlachh Supply IncIn Violation X     
CCSSCustom Computer Sales & SvcIn Compliance11/1/2019  X   
CitizenCWD limited In Compliance1/7/2020      
CompaqHP IncIn Compliance1/2/2020      
CornerstoneHitachi America, LTD. Digital Media DivisionIn Compliance12/26/2019   X  
CraigCraig Electronics, IncIn Compliance12/9/2019XX  XTablet, P-DVD
CTLComputer Technology Link In Compliance12/13/2019 XXX  
CyberVisionViewSonic Corp World HQIn Compliance1/2/2020      
DCLCDSceptre, Inc. In Compliance12/6/2019      
DELLDell Computer CorpIn Compliance12/11/2019XXXXXTablet
Digital or Digital Equipment CorporationHP IncIn Compliance1/2/2020      
DurabookDurabook Americas Inc.In Compliance1/7/2020 X    
DYNEXBest Buy In Compliance12/13/2019      
EIZOEIZO Inc. In Compliance12/12/2019   X  
ElementElement TV Company, LPIn Compliance12/27/2019X  X  
Elo TouchSystemsElo Touch Solutions, IncIn Compliance12/13/2019  XX  
eMachinesAcer America CorpIn Compliance1/2/2020 XXX  
Emerson and G ClefEmerson Radio CorpIn Compliance11/7/2019X     
EnvisionEnvision Peripherals IncPending1/14/2020      
ESAMicro Center & IPSG & Micro Electronics In Violation       
Falcon NorthwestFalcon NorthwestIn Compliance12/9/2019 XX   
FISHERPanasonic Corporation of North America In Compliance12/13/2019      
FlexvisionVOXX International Corp.In Compliance11/21/2019      
FujitsuFujitsu America, Inc.In Compliance11/26/2019XXX XTablet
Fujitsu-SiemensFujitsu America, Inc.In Compliance11/26/2019      
Fujitsu-SiemensSamsung Electronics CoIn Compliance12/24/2019      
FunaiFunai Corporation, Inc.In Compliance11/19/2019X   XP-DVD
GatewayAcer America CorpIn Compliance1/2/2020 XXX  
GHCSIGrays Harbor Computer SvcIn Compliance12/16/2019  X   
Girl PowerEmerson Radio CorpIn Compliance11/7/2019      
Go VideoTTE Technology IncIn Compliance12/3/2019      
GoldStarLG Electronics USA IncIn Compliance12/6/2019      
GPXDPI IncIn Compliance12/13/2019X   XP-DVD
GVISIONGVISION USA, Inc.In Compliance11/1/2019   X  
HaierHaier AmericaIn Compliance1/14/2020XX  XP-DVD
HisenseHisense USA CorpIn Compliance12/13/2019X   XTablet
HitachiHitachi America, LTD. Digital Media DivisionIn Compliance12/26/2019X  X  
Hewlett Packard or hpHP IncIn Compliance1/2/2020XXXXXTablet
IBMSamsung Electronics CoIn Compliance12/24/2019      
IBMInternational Business Machines Corp.In Compliance11/19/2019 XXX  
IBM PS/1International Business Machines Corp.In Compliance11/19/2019      
IBM PS/ValuePointInternational Business Machines Corp.In Compliance11/19/2019      
iBuypowerAmerican Future Tech Corp dba iBuypowerIn Compliance11/5/2019 XX   
ILiveDPI IncIn Compliance12/13/2019X   XP-DVD
InsigniaBest Buy In Compliance12/13/2019X  XXP-DVD, tablet (no longer sold)
JensenVOXX International Corp.In Compliance11/21/2019      
JVCElite Lux Technologies Inc.In Compliance12/31/2019      
JVCJVC KENWOOD USA CorpIn Compliance12/3/2019X  X  
KmartSears Roebuck & Co. In Compliance1/7/2020      
KOGIGVISION USA, Inc.In Compliance11/1/2019      
KomodoSceptre, Inc. In Compliance12/6/2019      
KPCShuttle Computer GroupIn Compliance1/16/2020      
Last Stop ComputersLast Stop ComputersIn Compliance1/2/2020 XX   
LenovoLenovoIn Compliance1/2/2020 XXXXTablet, Smart Display
LGLG Electronics USA IncIn Compliance12/6/2019XXXXXTablet, P-DVD, Smart Display
LinkDell Computer CorpIn Compliance12/11/2019      
LOREXLorex Technology Inc.In Compliance11/12/2019   X  
Lucky Star International (LSI)Lucky Star International dba Lucky ComputersIn Violation   X   
LXISears Roebuck & Co. In Compliance1/7/2020      
MagnavoxCraig Electronics, IncIn Compliance12/9/2019    XP-DVD
MagnavoxPhilips Electronics In Compliance1/16/2020X  X  
MagnavoxFunai Corporation, Inc.In Compliance11/19/2019      
MAIN BUSINESS SYSTEMSMain Business SystemsIn Compliance11/5/2019  X   
MedionLenovoIn Compliance1/2/2020XXXXXTablet
MemorexDPI IncIn Compliance12/13/2019X     
MGAMitsubishi Electric US, Inc.In Compliance11/5/2019      
MGA/MitsubishiMitsubishi Electric US, Inc.In Compliance11/5/2019      
MicrolynxMicrolynxIn Violation   X   
Microsoft SurfaceMicrosoft CorporationIn Compliance1/14/2020  X XTablet
MicroTouch3M Touch SystemsIn Compliance12/13/2019      
MicroTouch/3M3M Touch SystemsIn Compliance12/13/2019   X  
MirusEquus Compute SolutionsIn Compliance12/13/2019      
MitsubishiMitsubishi Electric US, Inc.In Compliance11/5/2019      
Motion Computing Tablet PCMotion ComputingIn Violation  X  XTablet
MotorolaMotorola Mobility LLCIn Compliance12/13/2019XXXXXTablet
MSIMSI ComputerIn Compliance12/24/2019 XXXXTablet
MTVNickelodeon & Viacom Consumer ProductsIn Violation       
NANAOEIZO Inc. In Compliance12/12/2019      
NECNEC Display SolutionsPending1/7/2020XXXX  
NEC Home ElectronicsNEC Display SolutionsPending1/7/2020      
NEC TechnologiesNEC Display SolutionsPending1/7/2020      
NEC/MitsubishiNEC Display SolutionsPending1/7/2020      
NetVistaInternational Business Machines Corp.In Compliance11/19/2019      
NobilisEquus Compute SolutionsIn Compliance12/13/2019 XXX  
NobleViewEquus Compute SolutionsIn Compliance12/13/2019      
NokiaMicrosoft CorporationIn Compliance1/14/2020      
NoteworthyToshiba America Information Systems, Inc.In Compliance11/12/2019      
OCCSComputer Nut HutIn Compliance11/4/2019  X   
OleviaEmerson Radio CorpIn Compliance11/7/2019      
OptiquestViewSonic Corp World HQIn Compliance1/2/2020      
OptomaOptoma Technology IncIn Compliance12/9/2019X  X  
OrionElite Lux Technologies Inc.In Compliance12/31/2019      
Packard BellSouthern Telecom IncIn Compliance11/25/2019 X  XTablet
PanasonicPanasonic Corporation of North America In Compliance12/13/2019XXXXXlaptops, tablets
PC OpenEmaticIn Compliance12/24/2019    XTablet
PC RecyclePC RecycleIn Compliance12/23/2019  X   
PCs LimitedDell Computer CorpIn Compliance12/11/2019      
Perfection PCPerfection PC Inc.In Compliance12/9/2019  X   
PhilcoFunai Corporation, Inc.In Compliance11/19/2019      
PhilcoPhilips Electronics In Compliance1/16/2020      
PhilipsPhilips Electronics In Compliance1/16/2020X  XXP-DVD
PhilipsEnvision Peripherals IncPending1/14/2020      
PhilipsFunai Corporation, Inc.In Compliance11/19/2019      
Philips MagnavoxPhilips Electronics In Compliance1/16/2020      
PlanarPlanar Systems IncIn Compliance12/26/2019X  X  
PolaroidPLR IP Holdings, LLCIn Compliance12/26/2019X     
PolycomPolycom IncIn Violation    X  
PoqetFujitsu America, Inc.In Compliance11/26/2019      
ProScanCurtis International LtdIn Compliance12/24/2019X   XP-DVD
PugetPuget Sound Systems Inc.In Compliance12/13/2019 XX   
PyramidPyramid Distributing In Compliance11/7/2019  X   
Quality ComputersQuality Computers & SvcIn Compliance12/9/2019  X   
QuasarPanasonic Corporation of North America In Compliance12/13/2019X   XTV
Quasar by MotorolaMotorola Mobility LLCIn Compliance12/13/2019      
QumeDell Computer CorpIn Compliance12/11/2019      
RCAVOXX International Corp.In Compliance11/21/2019      
RCAVenturer Electronics IncIn Compliance12/6/2019    XTablet
RCACurtis International LtdIn Compliance12/24/2019X     
RE PCRe-Pc Recycled ComputersIn Compliance11/4/2019  X   
RuncoPlanar Systems IncIn Compliance12/26/2019      
SagerSager Midern Computer Inc.In Compliance12/9/2019 X    
SamsungSamsung Electronics CoIn Compliance12/24/2019XXXXXTablet, P-DVD
SamtronSamsung Electronics CoIn Compliance12/24/2019      
SansuiElite Lux Technologies Inc.In Compliance12/31/2019X     
SANYOFunai Corporation, Inc.In Compliance11/19/2019X   XP-DVD
SceptreSceptre, Inc. In Compliance12/6/2019X  X  
Scott (HH)Emerson Radio CorpIn Compliance11/7/2019      
SearsSears Roebuck & Co. In Compliance1/7/2020      
SENTINEL CCTVLorex Technology Inc.In Compliance11/12/2019      
SharpHisense USA CorpIn Compliance12/13/2019X   XP-DVD
ShuttleShuttle Computer GroupIn Compliance1/16/2020  X   
SkyworthSkyworth USA CorporationIn Compliance12/9/2019X     
SlimnoteDurabook Americas Inc.In Compliance1/7/2020      
SonySony Electronics IncIn Compliance1/2/2020XXXXXP-DVD
SperryUnisys DirectIn Compliance12/13/2019      
SquareviewSears Roebuck & Co. In Compliance1/7/2020      
SRSears Roebuck & Co. In Compliance1/7/2020      
Sun MicrosystemsOracle America IncIn Compliance12/6/2019  XX  
SV2000Funai Corporation, Inc.In Compliance11/19/2019      
SV2000Philips Electronics In Compliance1/16/2020      
SymphonicFunai Corporation, Inc.In Compliance11/19/2019      
SyncMasterSamsung Electronics CoIn Compliance12/24/2019   X  
TandemHP IncIn Compliance1/2/2020      
TechnicsPanasonic Corporation of North America In Compliance12/13/2019      
ThinkCentreLenovoIn Compliance1/2/2020      
ThinkCentreInternational Business Machines Corp.In Compliance11/19/2019      
ThinkPadLenovoIn Compliance1/2/2020      
ThinkPadInternational Business Machines Corp.In Compliance11/19/2019      
ThinkVisionLenovoIn Compliance1/2/2020      
ThinkVisionInternational Business Machines Corp.In Compliance11/19/2019      
ToshibaToshiba America Information Systems, Inc.In Compliance11/12/2019 X XXTablets
ToshibaBest Buy In Compliance12/13/2019X     
ToteVisionToteVisionIn Compliance11/1/2019X  X  
UnisysUnisys DirectIn Compliance12/13/2019   X  
US MICROUS Micro PC IncPending1/14/2020  X   
UtobiaViewSonic Corp World HQIn Compliance1/2/2020      
VTechVTech Electronics North America, LLCIn Compliance12/13/2019 X XXTablet
V7Worldwide V7 Private LabelIn Compliance1/7/2020   X  
VARVAR CorporationIn Compliance12/31/2019  X   
VenturerVenturer Electronics IncIn Compliance12/6/2019X   XTablet
VidikronPlanar Systems IncIn Compliance12/26/2019      
ViewSonicViewSonic Corp World HQIn Compliance1/2/2020XXXXXTablet (Discontinued)
Wacom CintiqWacom TechnologyIn Compliance12/3/2019   X  
WeatherXDPI IncIn Compliance12/13/2019X     
WestinghouseTongfang GlobalIn Compliance1/21/2019X  X  
WinbookMicro Center & IPSG & Micro Electronics In Violation       
WorldElite Lux Technologies Inc.In Compliance12/31/2019      
WyseDell Computer CorpIn Compliance12/11/2019 X X  
XP19Shuttle Computer GroupIn Compliance1/16/2020   X  
XPCShuttle Computer GroupIn Compliance1/16/2020      
XPC17Shuttle Computer GroupIn Compliance1/16/2020      
YORXDPI IncIn Compliance12/13/2019      
ZenithLG Electronics USA IncIn Compliance12/6/2019X  XXP-DVD
KMCSears Roebuck & Co. In Compliance1/7/2020      
Beijing Orient Top Victory ElectronicsEnvision Peripherals IncPending1/14/2020      
Data GeneralDell Computer CorpIn Compliance12/11/2019      
TekbrightToshiba America Information Systems, Inc.In Compliance11/12/2019      
Angel Computer SystemsAngel Computer Systems IncIn Compliance12/9/2019  X   
Cutting EdgeCutting Edge Computer SolutionsIn Compliance11/7/2019  X   
BANG & OLUFSENBang & OlufsenIn Compliance12/13/2019X     
CapriDPI IncIn Compliance12/13/2019      
ChanghongChanghong Trading Corp. USAIn Violation X     
Computer WorksComputer Works of Yakima IncIn Compliance12/26/2019  X   
CrosleyCrosley Corp.In Compliance12/31/2019X     
nextbookYiFang U.S.A IncIn Violation  X  XTablet
ELOElo Touch Solutions, IncIn Compliance12/13/2019  XXXTablet
IDEAiDeaUSAIn Violation     XTablet
IntelIntel In Compliance12/13/2019  X   
KenwoodJVC KENWOOD USA CorpIn Compliance12/3/2019      
Power Computing ApplePending12/6/2019      
2go PCComputer Technology Link In Compliance12/13/2019      
ADEK ADEK Industrial ComputersIn Violation   X   
Apollo ComputersHP IncIn Compliance1/2/2020      
BurroughsUnisys DirectIn Compliance12/13/2019      
Coastline MicroCoastline Micro Inc.In Compliance11/1/2019  XX  
Computer ConnectionsComputer ConnectionsIn Compliance1/7/2020  X   
CURTISCurtis International LtdIn Compliance12/24/2019X   XP-DVD
Dat-a-Way Computer SolutionsDat-a-Way Computer SolutionsIn Compliance11/1/2019  X   
DigimergeLorex Technology Inc.In Compliance11/12/2019      
ELECTRONCurtis International LtdIn Compliance12/24/2019      
EmersonFunai Corporation, Inc.In Compliance11/19/2019      
EmersonEmerson Radio CorpIn Compliance11/7/2019X   XTablet
Friendly ComputersFriendly Computers / Computer RenaissanceIn Compliance12/3/2019  X   
Hard Drives Northwest3MD Inc.In Compliance12/26/2019  X   
NAXANaxa Electronics, Inc.In Compliance12/24/2019X   XP-DVD, Tablet
Nicktronics/SpongebobNickelodeon & Viacom Consumer ProductsIn Violation X   XP-DVD
Npower / Imation ElectronicsNickelodeon & Viacom Consumer ProductsIn Violation       
PowerSpecMicro Center & IPSG & Micro Electronics In Violation  XX   
PROSTARProstar Computer, IncIn Compliance11/1/2019 X    
Pyle Pyle AudioIn Compliance12/6/2019X   XP-DVD, Tablet
Sperry-UnivacUnisys DirectIn Compliance12/13/2019      
SunBriteTVSunBriteTV LLCIn Compliance12/24/2019X     
Up Time TechnologyUp Time TechnologyIn Compliance11/14/2019  X   
VitaMobilityEquus Compute SolutionsIn Compliance12/13/2019      
Voodoo Computers Inc.HP IncIn Compliance1/2/2020      
IkegamiIkegami Tsushinki Ltd.In Compliance12/9/2019   X  
JNCSJ & N Computer ServiceIn Compliance1/7/2020  X   
Nicktronics/DoraNickelodeon & Viacom Consumer ProductsIn Violation       
RainbowHP IncIn Compliance1/2/2020      
Tek VisionsTekVisions, IncIn Compliance1/7/2020   X  
BeoVisionBang & OlufsenIn Compliance12/13/2019X     
vpr matrixBest Buy In Compliance12/13/2019      
Marvel HeroesMarvel Entertainment, LLCIn Compliance11/4/2019XXX   
Computer RenaissanceFriendly Computers / Computer RenaissanceIn Compliance12/3/2019      
TCLTTE Technology IncIn Compliance12/3/2019X     
TCLTCT Mobile, IncIn Compliance12/19/2019    XTablet
ADTADT LLC dba ADT Security ServicesIn Compliance1/24/2020   X  
CyberpowerPCCyberPowerIn Compliance1/7/2020 XX   
NookBarnes& LLCIn Compliance1/16/2020    XE-Reader
BoschBosch Security Systems, Inc.In Compliance12/19/2019   X  
American DynamicsSensormatic Electronics LLCIn Compliance12/16/2019   X  
SensormaticSensormatic Electronics LLCIn Compliance12/16/2019      
MajesticMajestic Global USAIn Compliance11/7/2019X     
OracleOracle America IncIn Compliance12/6/2019  XX  
NobiEquus Compute SolutionsIn Compliance12/13/2019      
SEIKISeiki CorporationPending11/5/2019X     
MimoMimo IncIn Compliance1/7/2020   X  
EverFocusEverFocus Electronics CorporationIn Compliance12/12/2019   X  
LeapFrogVTech Electronics North America, LLCIn Compliance12/13/2019    XTablet
iViewRJ Technology, IncIn Compliance12/9/2019 X  XTablet
Rj TechRJ Technology, IncIn Compliance12/9/2019      
NyriusCWD limited In Compliance1/7/2020      
Amazon Kindle DXAmazon Fulfillment Services, Inc.In Compliance12/24/2019      
Amazon KindleAmazon Fulfillment Services, Inc.In Compliance12/24/2019    XE-Reader
KoboKobo IncIn Compliance11/8/2019 X  XE-Reader
EZ Reader Pocket PROAstak, Inc.In Violation     XE-Reader
Kaser Net's Go!Kaser Corp.In Compliance12/16/2019  X XE-Reader
NCSNCS Technologies, IncIn Compliance12/13/2019 XX   
SungaleSungale ElectronicsIn Compliance1/7/2020    XE-Reader
ematicEmaticIn Compliance12/24/2019 X  XE-Reader, Tablet, P-DVD
SKYTEXSKYTEX Technology, Inc.In Violation  X  XE-Reader, Tablet
SUPER CIRCUITSSupercircuits, IncIn Compliance11/1/2019X     
Mitsubishi ElectricMitsubishi Electric US, Inc.In Compliance11/5/2019      
HTCHTC America, Inc. In Compliance12/24/2019 X    
IDEOSHuawei Device USA, Inc.In Compliance1/24/2020      
NOOK ColorBarnes& LLCIn Compliance1/16/2020 X    
Sahara SlateTabletKioskIn Violation  X    
NetplianceHP IncIn Compliance1/2/2020      
Zebra ComputerZebra ComputersIn Compliance11/1/2019  X   
BookeenBookeenIn Violation     XE-Reader
Yakima NetworkingYakima NetworkingIn Compliance12/24/2019  X   
Le PanMatsunichi Digital USA, Inc.In Violation     XTablet
CiilCiil Technologies, LLCIn Violation X     
InFocusInFocus CorpIn Compliance12/13/2019   X  
PDiPDi Communication Systems, Inc.In Compliance12/12/2019X     
SlickSouthern Telecom IncIn Compliance11/25/2019    XE-Reader
EkenEKENIn Violation     XTablet
Silicon MechanicsSource Code CorporationIn Compliance1/15/2020  X   
ECSElitegroup Computer SystemsIn Compliance11/7/2019 XX   
ZOTACZOTAC USA, Inc.In Compliance1/7/2020  X   
dopoDouble Power Technology, Inc.In Violation  X    
FlytouchWorryfree Gadgets LLCIn Compliance1/7/2020 X    
WopadWorryfree Gadgets LLCIn Compliance1/7/2020 X    
ZeepadWorryfree Gadgets LLCIn Compliance1/7/2020 X    
ZEKIDPI IncIn Compliance12/13/2019    XTablet
Mach SpeedInspire TechnologyIn Violation       
AinolShen Zhen Ainol Electronics Co.,LtdIn Violation     XTablet
Google NexusGoogle LLCIn Compliance1/2/2020      
ICANIntegrity Computers and NetworkingIn Compliance11/7/2019  X   
AFUNTAAfunta LLCIn Compliance11/7/2019    XTablet
CubeShenzhen AlldoCube Technology And ScienceIn Violation     XTablet
ZUWEIYUAMDOE, LLCIn Compliance11/7/2019    XTablet
NabiMattel, Inc.In Compliance12/13/2019    XTablet
Modbook ProModbook, Inc.In Compliance1/14/2020    XTablet
Cardio TheatrePrecor IncorporatedIn Compliance12/9/2019   X  
SkyVueSkyVueIn Compliance1/7/2020X     
TagitalMTM Trading LLCIn Compliance11/20/2019    XTablet
KLUCurtis International LtdIn Compliance12/24/2019    XTablet
UnidenSouthern Telecom IncIn Compliance11/25/2019    XTablet
DIAOTECDiaotecIn Compliance11/5/2019    XTablet
D2China Great Wall Computer Holding LTDIn Violation     XTablet
CycrestCycrest Systems Inc.In Compliance11/1/2019  X   
X-TremeInspire TechnologyIn Violation       
Azpen Azpen Innovation, Inc.In Compliance11/19/2019    XTablet
RazerRazer USA, Ltd.In Compliance11/18/2019 X    
BarcoBarco, Inc.In Compliance1/3/2020X  X  
QFXQuantumFXIn Compliance12/9/2019X   XP-DVD
ToshinaerToshinaerIn Violation X     
Telstra T-TouchHuawei Device USA, Inc.In Compliance1/24/2020      
LexibookLexibook AmericaIn Compliance12/23/2019    XTablet, P-DVD
Elo Touch SolutionsElo Touch Solutions, IncIn Compliance12/13/2019  XX  
RCA ComputersUnisys DirectIn Compliance12/13/2019      
Chromo IncChromo Inc.In Violation       
KurioKD GroupIn Compliance12/26/2019    XTablet
ALLDAYMALLiGamingIn Violation     XTablet
SimbansSimbans LimitedIn Compliance11/7/2019    XTablet
FunDo TabSimbans LimitedIn Compliance11/7/2019    XTablet
PLEXONPlexon, Inc.In Compliance12/9/2019    XP-DVD
Nexus/Samsung Samsung Electronics CoIn Compliance12/24/2019    XTablet
Nexus ASUSAsus Computer InternationalIn Compliance12/3/2019    XTablet
LINSAYAmelia World Corp d/b/a LINSAYIn Compliance12/30/2019    XTablet
EdgeRazer USA, Ltd.In Compliance11/18/2019    XTablet
QuantumAzulleIn Compliance12/26/2019      
ProntoTecHH Elements, IncIn Compliance1/14/2020    XTablet - discontinued 2016
GoldengulfDeli Stationery, Inc.In Compliance12/27/2019 X  XTablet
BravolinkShenzhen Valuelink E-Commerce Co.,Ltd. In Compliance11/18/2019      
ViconViconIn Violation    X  
DBPOWERShenzhen Valuelink E-Commerce Co.,Ltd. In Compliance11/18/2019    XP-DVD
Xplore TechnologiesXplore Technologies CorpIn Compliance12/26/2019    XTablet
Monster HighMattel, Inc.In Compliance12/13/2019      
OREIOREIIn Compliance11/5/2019    XP-DVD
ExcelvanShenZhen Globalegrow E-Commerce Co., LtdIn Violation     XTablet
NoriaChromo Inc.In Violation       
Monster, LLCMonster, LLCIn Violation     XTablet
XO TabletSakar International, IncIn Violation     XTablet
CamelioSakar International, IncIn Violation     XTablet
NVIDIANVIDIA CorpIn Compliance12/12/2019    XTablet
Verizon EllipsisCellco Partnership dba Verizon WirelessIn Compliance11/7/2019    XTablet
NeowareHP IncIn Compliance1/2/2020      
ContexElite Lux Technologies Inc.In Compliance12/31/2019      
MatrixJohnson Health Tech Co., LtdIn Compliance12/9/2019X     
NobisDouble Power Technology, Inc.In Violation     XTablet
d-ageDouble Power Technology, Inc.In Violation     XTablet
oCosmoSceptre, Inc. In Compliance12/6/2019X     
Innovative TechnologyInnovative TechnologyIn Compliance12/9/2019  X   
Amazon Kindle FireAmazon Fulfillment Services, Inc.In Compliance12/24/2019    XTablet
PrecorPrecor IncorporatedIn Compliance12/9/2019   X  
iDeaPLAYiDeaUSAIn Violation     XTablet
ContixoL&S Enterprise Group Corp.In Compliance12/31/2019    XTablet
tabbyPlaytime Ltd.In Violation     XTablet
SMARTSMART Technologies ULCIn Compliance12/17/2019   X  
Sly ElectronicsEmaticIn Compliance12/24/2019    XTablet
SmartTabSouthern Telecom IncIn Compliance11/25/2019    XTablet
ImpeccaZALMEN REISS & ASSOCIATES INCIn Compliance1/2/2020    XP-DVD
FineGoodAMDOE, LLCIn Compliance11/7/2019    XTablet
Digital2China Great Wall Computer Holding LTDIn Violation     XTablet
VGHVGH Computer ServicesIn Compliance11/1/2019  X   
EFUN MT8000YiFang U.S.A IncIn Violation     XTablet
ZTEZTE USAIn Compliance11/1/2019    XTablet
OrboChromo Inc.In Violation       
ParsecParsec ComputerIn Compliance11/1/2019  X   
iDeaGAMERiDeaUSAIn Violation     XTablet
SpelerSpring Rose Technology Co. LTDIn Violation X     
VulcanVulcan ElectronicsIn Violation     XTablet
ConnectVulcan ElectronicsIn Violation     XTablet
Jetta/JetbookSource Code CorporationIn Compliance1/15/2020      
Astro QueoInspira Technologies LLCIn Compliance11/7/2019    XTablet
AMARMegaLane Lighting Group Corporation LimitedIn Violation  X  XTablet
YuntabShenzhen Wave Multimedia Co., LtdIn Compliance11/7/2019    XTablet
MegafeisMeishengIn Violation XXXXXTablet
DLANDAfunta LLCIn Compliance11/7/2019    XTablet
AMARELECMegaLane Lighting Group Corporation LimitedIn Violation  XX XTablet
OshionN&K Trading, Inc.In Violation     XTablet
DieboldIkegami Tsushinki Ltd.In Compliance12/9/2019      
UBBest Buy In Compliance12/13/2019      
MobitabHH Elements, IncIn Compliance1/14/2020    XTablet - discontinued 2016
SaikyoElite Lux Technologies Inc.In Compliance12/31/2019      
SHIELDNVIDIA CorpIn Compliance12/12/2019    XTablet
runningstarRunner Shenzhen Digital Technology Co., In Violation  XXXXTablet
Tyco Integrated SecurityTyco Integrated SecurityIn Compliance1/7/2020   X  
OGIMASunflying International, Inc.In Violation    XXTablet
Palmer & AxePalmer & AxeIn Violation     XTablet
aosonShenzhen Luckystar Technology Co., LtdIn Violation     XTablet
IndigiDigimaxis LLCIn Compliance11/1/2019    XTablet
FloureonShenZhen Globalegrow E-Commerce Co., LtdIn Violation     XTablet
TUVVATUVVAIn Violation     XTablet
PumpkinAmerican Pumpkins, Inc.In Violation     XTablet
HuaweiHuawei Device USA, Inc.In Compliance1/24/2020 X  XTablet
VIZTABereson USAIn Compliance12/31/2019   X  
Senior SimpleFederated Consumer Products, LLCIn Violation     XTablet
TrioInspire TechnologyIn Violation     XTablet
InfinityInspire TechnologyIn Violation     XTablet
WOW!firstSTREET for Boomers and Beyond, Inc.In Violation  X    
Sprout Channel CubbyEmaticIn Compliance12/24/2019    XTablet
VilrosCaytan Enterprise (Vilros)In Compliance12/24/2019   X  
HaehneShenzhen Haina Tianyuan Ecommerce Co., Ltd.In Violation     XTablet
GAEMSGAEMS, Inc.In Compliance1/14/2020   X  
VVHK Contrum Electronic LimitedIn Compliance12/13/2019    XTablet
Rocksoul AWA Technology Inc.In Compliance1/7/2020   X  
JsmaxAWA Technology Inc.In Compliance1/7/2020      
Astro TabInspira Technologies LLCIn Compliance11/7/2019    XTablet
DeerBrookDeerBrook Electronics, LLCIn Compliance11/1/2019    XTablet
NixeusNixeus Technology, Inc.In Compliance12/31/2019   X  
hjsjRunner Shenzhen Digital Technology Co., In Violation  X  XTablet
GSKYRunner Shenzhen Digital Technology Co., In Violation  X  XTablet
QNIXKyoung Seong Global KoreaIn Violation    X  
Alcatel one touchTCT Mobile, IncIn Compliance12/19/2019    XTablet
GeChicICI Touch Technology Inc.In Compliance11/7/2019   X  
SDEALSSotodeals, Inc.In Violation     XTablet
GigasetMatsunichi Digital USA, Inc.In Violation     XTablet
MJSMJS Technology Co., LimitedIn Violation     XTablet
Little ScholarSchool Zone Publishing Company, Inc.In Compliance11/19/2019    XTablet
VAIOTrans Cosmos AmericaIn Compliance12/16/2019 X    
GoldenskyRunner Shenzhen Digital Technology Co., In Violation XX  XTablet
AzulleAzulleIn Compliance12/26/2019  X XMini PC, PC Stick
Google Project TangoGoogle LLCIn Compliance1/2/2020      
Google PixelGoogle LLCIn Compliance1/2/2020 X  XTablet
BLUBLUIn Compliance12/19/2019    XTablet
VuruChromo Inc.In Violation     XTablet
TeclastShenzhen Teclast Electronics Co., LtdIn Violation     XTablet
AWOWHK Contrum Electronic LimitedIn Compliance12/13/2019    XTablet
JacklyRunner Shenzhen Digital Technology Co., In Violation  X  XTablet
RunnerMegaLane Lighting Group Corporation LimitedIn Violation  X  XTablet
iAZUZiAZUZIn Violation     XTablet
DanCoTekDanCo Technology Co., ltdIn Violation     XTablet
COLAPADShenzhen Jiafengtai Electronics Co., LtdIn Violation     XTablet
TG-TEKTalent Grant Technology Inc.In Violation       
SeuraSeura, Inc.In Compliance12/16/2019X     
InnoviewBereson USAIn Compliance12/31/2019X  X  
IcarusDistriRead B.V.In Violation     XE-reader
alcatelTCT Mobile, IncIn Compliance12/19/2019    XTablet
PRO12Venturer Electronics IncIn Compliance12/6/2019      
Kenmore EliteSears Roebuck & Co. In Compliance1/7/2020      
Biblezon Catholic TabletBiblezon CorporationIn Violation     XTablet
Biblezon Kids TabletBiblezon CorporationIn Violation     XTablet
MinnoMinno LLCIn Compliance11/4/2019    XTablet
LevanaCWD limited In Compliance1/7/2020   X  
DefenderCWD limited In Compliance1/7/2020   X  
ATYMEAtyme Corporation, Inc.In Compliance12/31/2019X     
CorsairCorsairIn Compliance11/19/2019  X   
ONNCurtis International LtdIn Compliance12/24/2019    XP-DVD
Echo ShowAmazon Fulfillment Services, Inc.In Compliance12/24/2019   XXSmart Display
HonorHuawei Device USA, Inc.In Compliance1/24/2020    XTablet
Verizon GizmoTabCellco Partnership dba Verizon WirelessIn Compliance11/7/2019    XTablet
Netier Tech.Dell Computer CorpIn Compliance12/11/2019      
ZOWIEBenQ America CorpIn Compliance12/13/2019   X  
Project NurseryVOXX International Corp.In Compliance11/21/2019   X  
EluktronicsEluktronics, Inc.In Compliance12/27/2019XXXX  
Google PixelbookGoogle LLCIn Compliance1/2/2020 X    
Paw PatrolEmaticIn Compliance12/24/2019    XP-DVD
Baby DelightMacari Baby, Inc.In Compliance12/13/2019   X  
FUNAVOShenzhen Valuelink E-Commerce Co.,Ltd. In Compliance11/18/2019    XP-DVD
TENKERShenzhen Valuelink E-Commerce Co.,Ltd. In Compliance11/18/2019    XP-DVD
SPACEKEYShenzhen Valuelink E-Commerce Co.,Ltd. In Compliance11/18/2019    XP-DVD
WacomWacom TechnologyIn Compliance12/3/2019 X    
Facebook Technologies, LLCFacebook Technologies LLCIn Compliance1/15/2020    XSmart Display
PortalFacebook Technologies LLCIn Compliance1/15/2020    XSmart Display
Google Home HubGoogle LLCIn Compliance1/2/2020    XSmart Display
AccuvisionQubicaAMFIn Compliance12/12/2019   X  
AvitaVenturer Electronics IncIn Compliance12/6/2019 X    
Rakuten Kobo Inc.Kobo IncIn Compliance11/8/2019    Xe-readers
JBLHarman International, Industries, Inc.In Compliance11/7/2019    XSmart Display
QKKCabeli Team America LimitedIn Compliance11/26/2019    XP-DVD
DR. J ProfessionalShenzhen Siwei Shikong Technology Co. Ltd.In Compliance11/26/2019    XP-DVD
DR.QShenzhen Siwei Shikong Technology Co. Ltd.In Compliance11/26/2019    XP-DVD
dynabookDynabook Americas, Inc.In Compliance11/1/2019 X    
Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesEmaticIn Compliance12/24/2019    XP-DVD
PBS KidsEmaticIn Compliance12/24/2019    XTablet, P-DVD
Justice LeagueEmaticIn Compliance12/24/2019    XTablet, P-DVD
VankyoHimalaya Trading IncIn Compliance12/9/2019    XTablets
GrandPadAcer America CorpIn Compliance1/2/2020    XTablet
BlackwebCurtis International LtdIn Compliance12/24/2019    XP-DVD
General DigitalGeneral DigitalIn Compliance1/17/2020   X  
SumecGreentech Energy Solutions Inc.In Compliance12/31/2019X     
Peerless-AVPeerless-AVIn Compliance10/30/2019X     
PelotonPeloton In Compliance11/12/2019   X  
ROGAsus Computer InternationalIn Compliance12/3/2019 XXX  
REPUBLIC OF GAMERSAsus Computer InternationalIn Compliance12/3/2019 XXX  
NordicTrackICON Health & Fitness, Inc.In Compliance11/21/2019    XExercise Equipment w/ Video Display
ProformICON Health & Fitness, Inc.In Compliance11/21/2019    XExercise Equipment w/ Video Display
Denali Advanced Integration 3MD Inc.In Compliance12/26/2019  X XCopmuter servers