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01/01/2018 - 12/31/2018 Manufacturer Registration List for the Electronic Product Recycling Program

The information contained on this list is valid only between the dates of January 01, 2018 and December 31, 2018.

At this time, the only covered electronic products (CEP) are televisions, monitors, personal computers, laptop or portable computers and electronic readers.

In order for a retailer to offer for sale or sell a CEP in or into Washington state, on the date the product was ordered, the brand name must be on the "Manufacturer Registration List for the Electronic Product Recycling Program" and the manufacturer must be in "pending" or "in compliance" status.

To use this list, complete the following steps:

  1. Is the brand name on the list below? If yes, proceed to Question 2. If no, then STOP. Do not order this product.
  2. Is the type of product (e.g. computer, monitor, television) identified below? If yes, proceed on to Question 3. If not, then STOP. Do not order this product.
  3. Is the manufacturer listed as "pending" or "in compliance" status? If yes, go ahead and order the product. If it is listed as "in violation", STOP. Do not order this product.

The effective date denotes the last change to the manufacturer's status. Ecology recommends that you print this page for your records before placing an order.

NOTE: If you have questions about whether a product is a covered electronic product, please contact Christine Haun at (360) 407-6107.

This list is current as of: Tuesday, December 18, 2018

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Brand NameManufacturerStatusEffective DateTelevisionLaptopDesktopMonitorOtherOther Products
NoriaChromo Inc.In Compliance11/15/2017    XTablet
Monster, LLCMonster, LLCIn Violation     XTablet
XO TabletSakar International, IncIn Violation     XTablet
CamelioSakar International, IncIn Violation     XTablet
NeuTabGrand Electronics, Inc.In Compliance11/2/2017    XTablet
NVIDIANVIDIA CorpIn Compliance12/19/2017    XTablet
Verizon EllipsisCellco Partnership dba Verizon WirelessIn Compliance12/12/2017    XTablet
TMAXTMAX Digital Inc. In Compliance12/27/2017    XTablet
NobisDouble Power Technology, Inc.In Violation     XTablet
d-ageDouble Power Technology, Inc.In Violation     XTablet
Amazon Kindle FireAmazon Fulfillment Services, Inc.In Compliance1/11/2018    XTablet
iDeaPLAYiDeaUSAIn Violation     XTablet
ContixoL&S Enterprise Group Corp.In Compliance1/18/2018    XTablet
Partner LuxECTACO, Inc.In Compliance1/18/2018    XTablet
tabbyPlaytime Ltd.In Violation     XTablet
Sly ElectronicsEmaticIn Compliance1/11/2018    XTablet
SmartTabSouthern Telecom IncIn Compliance2/6/2018    XTablet
ImpeccaZALMEN REISS & ASSOCIATES INCIn Compliance11/2/2017    XP-DVD
FineGoodAMDOE, LLCIn Compliance12/26/2017    XTablet
Digital2China Great Wall Computer Holding LTDIn Violation     XTablet
EFUN MT8000YiFang U.S.A IncIn Compliance3/20/2018    XTablet
iRolaGlobal Phoenix Computer Technologies SolutionsIn Compliance2/8/2018    XTablet
ZTEZTE USAIn Compliance12/28/2017    XTablet
OrboChromo Inc.In Compliance11/15/2017    XTablet
iDeaGAMERiDeaUSAIn Violation     XTablet
VulcanVulcan ElectronicsIn Compliance2/8/2018    XTablet
ConnectVulcan ElectronicsIn Compliance2/8/2018    XTablet
Astro QueoInspira Technologies LLCIn Compliance11/2/2017    XTablet
AMARMegaLane Lighting Group Corporation LimitedIn Violation  X  XTablet
FonesoFoneso LLCIn Compliance2/13/2018    XTablet
YuntabShenzhen Wave Multimedia Co., LtdIn Compliance11/21/2017    XTablet
MegafeisMeishengIn Violation3/5/2018XXXXXTablet
DLANDAfunta LLCIn Compliance12/26/2017    XTablet
MiTravelerMichley Electronics IncIn Compliance12/26/2017    XTablet
AMARELECMegaLane Lighting Group Corporation LimitedIn Violation  XX XTablet
LalbayLALBAYIn Compliance11/2/2017    XTablet
TouchTabAndteckIn Compliance1/18/2018    XTablet
AndteckAndteckIn Compliance1/18/2018    XTablet
OshionN&K Trading, Inc.In Violation3/5/2018    XTablet
OkearinYONES TOPTECH CHINA CO LTDIn Compliance1/11/2018    XTablet
MobitabHH Elements, IncIn Compliance1/18/2018    XTablet - discontinued 2016
SHIELDNVIDIA CorpIn Compliance12/19/2017    XTablet
runningstarRunner Shenzhen Digital Technology Co., In Violation  XXXXTablet
OGIMASunflying International, Inc.In Violation    XXTablet
Palmer & AxePalmer & AxeIn Violation     XTablet
aosonShenzhen Luckystar Technology Co., LtdIn Violation3/5/2018    XTablet
IndigiDigimaxis LLCIn Compliance11/2/2017    XTablet
FloureonShenZhen Globalegrow E-Commerce Co., LtdIn Violation     XTablet
TUVVATUVVAIn Compliance12/26/2017    XTablet
PumpkinAmerican Pumpkins, Inc.In Violation3/5/2018    XTablet
HuaweiHuawei Device USA, Inc.In Compliance11/2/2017    XTablet
Senior SimpleFederated Consumer Products, LLCIn Violation     XTablet
DigiLandDigiLand ProductsIn Compliance2/1/2018    XTablet
TrioInspire TechnologyIn Violation     XTablet
InfinityInspire TechnologyIn Violation     XTablet
Sprout Channel CubbyEmaticIn Compliance1/11/2018    XTablet
HaehneShenzhen Haina Tianyuan Ecommerce Co., Ltd.In Violation3/5/2018    XTablet
ElecostEcost Electronics Ltd.In Compliance12/26/2017    XTablet
VVHK Contrum Electronic LimitedIn Compliance12/26/2017    XTablet
Rocksoul AWA Technology Inc.In Compliance1/11/2018    XTablet
Astro TabInspira Technologies LLCIn Compliance11/2/2017    XTablet
DeerBrookDeerBrook Electronics, LLCIn Compliance11/13/2017    XTablet
hjsjRunner Shenzhen Digital Technology Co., In Violation  X  XTablet
GSKYRunner Shenzhen Digital Technology Co., In Violation  X  XTablet
Alcatel one touchTCT Mobile, IncIn Compliance11/21/2017    XTablet
SDEALSSotodeals, Inc.In Violation     XTablet
GigasetMatsunichi Digital USA, Inc.In Violation3/9/2018    XTablet
MJSMJS Technology Co., LimitedIn Violation     XTablet
CytrixFY International LLCIn Compliance12/26/2017    XTablet
Little ScholarSchool Zone Publishing Company, Inc.In Compliance1/18/2018    XTablet
GoldenskyRunner Shenzhen Digital Technology Co., In Violation XX  XTablet
AzulleAzulleIn Compliance11/2/2017  X Xmini pc, pc stick
Google Project TangoGoogle LLCIn Compliance1/4/2018    XTablet
BLUBLUIn Compliance11/8/2017    XTablet
VuruChromo Inc.In Compliance11/15/2017    XTablet
FUSION5F5CS LTD LLCIn Compliance1/9/2018 X  XTablet, Lapbook
TeclastShenzhen Teclast Electronics Co., LtdIn Violation     XTablet
AWOWHK Contrum Electronic LimitedIn Compliance12/26/2017    XTablet
JacklyRunner Shenzhen Digital Technology Co., In Violation  X  Xtablet
RunnerMegaLane Lighting Group Corporation LimitedIn Violation  X  XTablet
HytrixFY International LLCIn Compliance12/26/2017XXXXXTablet
FYXFY International LLCIn Compliance12/26/2017XXXXXTablet
iAZUZiAZUZIn Violation     XTablet
DanCoTekDanCo Technology Co., ltdIn Compliance12/26/2017    XTablet
COLAPADShenzhen Jiafengtai Electronics Co., LtdIn Violation     XTablet
ValuePadValueChain LLCIn Compliance12/26/2017    XTablet
iNovaGlobal Phoenix Computer Technologies SolutionsIn Compliance2/8/2018    XTablet
SainSonicDongguan Sainstore E-commerce Limited CoIn Compliance1/2/2018    XTablet
IcarusDistriRead B.V.In Compliance11/6/2017    XE-reader
alcatelTCT Mobile, IncIn Compliance11/21/2017    XTablet
PRO12Venturer Electronics IncIn Compliance12/19/2017    XTablet
Biblezon Catholic TabletBiblezon CorporationIn Violation     XTablet
Biblezon Kids TabletBiblezon CorporationIn Violation     XTablet
LEANINGTECHVast Mind (HK) LimitedIn Compliance1/3/2017    Xtablet
AVELSHENZHEN AVIS ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY CO.In Compliance11/2/2017X  XXCar electronics products
FITURBODongguan Sainstore E-commerce Limited CoIn Compliance1/2/2018    XTablet
Mytrix TechnologyFY International LLCIn Compliance12/26/2017XXXXXTablet
MinnoMinno LLCIn Compliance11/3/2017    XTablet
ONNCurtis International LtdIn Compliance1/23/2018    XP-DVD
Echo ShowAmazon Fulfillment Services, Inc.In Compliance1/11/2018   XXSmart Display
HonorHuawei Device USA, Inc.In Compliance11/2/2017    XTablet
Verizon GizmoTabCellco Partnership dba Verizon WirelessIn Compliance12/12/2017    XTablet
EpikEpik Learning, LLCIn Compliance1/31/2018 X  XTablets
Paw PatrolNickelodeon & Viacom Consumer ProductsIn Compliance3/8/2018    XP-DVD
FUNAVOShenzhen Valuelink E-Commerce Co.,Ltd. In Compliance5/22/2018    XP-DVD
TENKERShenzhen Valuelink E-Commerce Co.,Ltd. In Compliance5/22/2018    XP-DVD
SPACEKEYShenzhen Valuelink E-Commerce Co.,Ltd. In Compliance5/22/2018    XP-DVD
AcerAcer America CorpIn Compliance1/4/2018XXXXXTablet
Apex DigitalTMAX Digital Inc. In Compliance12/27/2017X   XP-DVD
AppleAppleIn Compliance1/11/2018 XXXXTablet
AudiovoxVOXX International Corp.In Compliance12/27/2017X  XXTablet
CraigCraig Electronics, IncIn Compliance1/16/2018XX  XTablet, P-DVD
DELLDell Computer CorpIn Compliance11/21/2017XXXXXTablet
ElementTongfang GlobalIn Compliance2/20/2018X   XP-DVD
FujitsuFujitsu America, Inc.In Compliance1/4/2018XXX XTablet
FunaiFunai Corporation, Inc.In Compliance12/19/2017X   XP-DVD
GPXDPI IncIn Compliance12/7/2017X   XP-DVD
HaierHaier AmericaIn Compliance12/26/2017X   XP-DVD
HisenseHisense USA CorpIn Compliance1/11/2018X   XTablet
Hewlett Packard or hpHP IncIn Compliance1/4/2018XXXXXTablet
HyundaiHyundai IT America Corp.In Compliance1/26/2018XX XXTablet
ILiveDPI IncIn Compliance12/7/2017X   XP-DVD
InsigniaBest Buy In Compliance1/18/2018X  XXTablet, P-DVD
LenovoLenovoIn Compliance1/4/2018 XXXXTablet
LGLG Electronics USA IncIn Compliance12/26/2017XXXXXTablet, P-DVD
MagnavoxCraig Electronics, IncIn Compliance1/16/2018    XP-DVD
MedionLenovoIn Compliance1/4/2018XXXXXTablet
Microsoft SurfaceMicrosoft CorporationIn Compliance1/4/2018  X XTablet
Motion Computing Tablet PCMotion ComputingIn Violation  X  XTablet
MotorolaMotorola Mobility LLCIn Compliance1/30/2018XXXXXTablet
MSIMSI ComputerIn Compliance12/27/2017 XX XTablet
Nicktronics - Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob SquaNickelodeon & Viacom Consumer ProductsIn Compliance3/8/2018X   XP-DVD
NuVisionTMAX Digital Inc. In Compliance12/27/2017X   XTablet
Packard BellSouthern Telecom IncIn Compliance2/6/2018 X  XTablet
PanasonicPanasonic Corporation of North America In Compliance12/6/2017XXXXXP-DVD (end 2014) Tablets
PhilipsPhilips Electronics In Compliance2/21/2018X  XXP-DVD
PolaroidPLR IP Holdings, LLCIn Compliance12/19/2017X   XTablet, P-DVD
ProScanCurtis International LtdIn Compliance1/23/2018X   XP-DVD
RCAVOXX International Corp.In Compliance12/27/2017    XP-DVD
RCAVenturer Electronics IncIn Compliance12/19/2017    XTablet
SamsungSamsung Electronics CoIn Compliance12/26/2017XXXXXTablet, P-DVD
SANYOFunai Corporation, Inc.In Compliance12/19/2017X   XP-DVD
SharpHisense USA CorpIn Compliance1/11/2018X   XP-DVD
SonySony Electronics IncIn Compliance12/26/2017XXXXXE-Reader, P-DVD
SylvaniaOsram SylvaniaIn Compliance3/6/2018XX XXP-DVD
ToshibaToshiba America Client Solutions, Inc.In Compliance1/11/2018 X XXP-DVD & Tablets
VTechVTech Electronics North America, LLCIn Compliance12/19/2017 X XXTablet
VenturerVenturer Electronics IncIn Compliance12/19/2017X   XP-DVD
ViewSonicViewSonic Corp World HQIn Compliance12/27/2017XXXXXTablet
VizioVIZIO INCORPORATEDIn Compliance11/29/2017XXXXXTablet
ZenithLG Electronics USA IncIn Compliance12/26/2017X  XXP-DVD
nextbookYiFang U.S.A IncIn Compliance3/20/2018 X  XTablet
ELOElo Touch Solutions, IncIn Compliance12/19/2017  XXXTablet
IDEAiDeaUSAIn Violation     XTablet
CURTISCurtis International LtdIn Compliance1/23/2018X   XP-DVD
EmersonEmerson Radio CorpIn Compliance2/12/2018X   XTablet
NAXANaxa Electronics, Inc.In Compliance1/4/2018X   XP-DVD, Tablet
Pyle Pyle AudioIn Compliance12/13/2017X   XP-DVD, Tablet
SupersonicSupersonic, Inc.In Compliance2/1/2018X   XTablet, P-DVD
TivaxMichley Electronics IncIn Compliance12/26/2017X   XTablet
TCLTCT Mobile, IncIn Compliance11/21/2017    XTablet is TCT Mobile
NookBarnes& LLCIn Compliance12/6/2017    XE-Reader
EnvizenDigiLand ProductsIn Compliance2/1/2018    XTablet
LeapFrogVTech Electronics North America, LLCIn Compliance12/19/2017    XTablet
iViewRJ Technology, IncIn Compliance2/8/2018 X  XTablet
Amazon KindleAmazon Fulfillment Services, Inc.In Compliance1/11/2018    XE-Reader
KoboKobo IncIn Compliance11/6/2017 X  XE-Reader
EZ Reader Pocket PROAstak, Inc.In Violation     XE-Reader
SungaleSungale ElectronicsIn Compliance2/28/2018    XE-Reader, Tablet
ematicEmaticIn Compliance1/11/2018 X  XE-Reader, Tablet, P-DVD
SKYTEXSKYTEX Technology, Inc.In Violation3/5/2018 X  XE-Reader, Tablet
BookeenBookeenIn Violation     XE-Reader
Le PanMatsunichi Digital USA, Inc.In Violation3/9/2018    XTablet
SlickSouthern Telecom IncIn Compliance2/6/2018    XE-Reader
EkenEKENIn Compliance11/2/2017    XTablet
IRULUUSA111 IncIn Compliance1/2/2018    XTablet
Visual LandVisual LandIn Compliance2/1/2018    XTablet
ZEKIDPI IncIn Compliance12/7/2017    XTablet
KocasoGlobal Phoenix Computer Technologies SolutionsIn Compliance2/8/2018    XTablet
AinolShen Zhen Ainol Electronics Co.,LtdIn Violation     XTablet
MIDPADGlobal Phoenix Computer Technologies SolutionsIn Compliance2/8/2018    XTablet
AFUNTAAfunta LLCIn Compliance12/26/2017    XTablet
Dragon TouchProexpress Distributor, LLCIn Compliance11/27/2017    XTablet
TabletExpressProexpress Distributor, LLCIn Compliance11/27/2017    XTablet
CubeShenzhen AlldoCube Technology And ScienceIn Violation     XTablet
ZUWEIYUAMDOE, LLCIn Compliance12/26/2017    XTablet
tabeoToys “R” Us-Delaware, Inc.In Compliance1/4/2018    XTablet ended in 2015
NabiMattel, Inc.In Compliance1/4/2018    XTablet
Modbook ProModbook, Inc.In Compliance1/31/2018    XTablet
TagitalMTM Trading LLCIn Compliance12/12/2017    XTablet
KLUCurtis International LtdIn Compliance1/23/2018    XTablet
UnidenSouthern Telecom IncIn Compliance2/6/2018    XTablet
DIAOTECDiaotecIn Compliance11/3/2017    XTablet
D2China Great Wall Computer Holding LTDIn Violation     XTablet
Azpen Azpen Innovation, Inc.In Compliance11/13/2017    XTablet
QFXQuantumFXIn Compliance2/28/2018X   XP-DVD
LexibookLexibook AmericaIn Compliance11/21/2017    XTablet, P-DVD
Chromo IncChromo Inc.In Compliance11/15/2017    XTablet
KurioKD GroupIn Compliance1/4/2018    XTablet
ALLDAYMALLiGamingIn Compliance11/2/2017    XTablet
SimbansSimbans LimitedIn Compliance11/3/2017    XTablet
FunDo TabSimbans LimitedIn Compliance11/3/2017    XTablet
TurcomTransform Partners, LLCIn Compliance2/1/2018 X XXTablet
PLEXONPlexon, Inc.In Compliance11/2/2017    XP-DVD
Nexus/Samsung Samsung Electronics CoIn Compliance12/26/2017    XTablet
Nexus ASUSAsus Computer InternationalIn Compliance3/19/2018    XTablet
vitalASCAmerican Sunrex Corporation In Compliance12/19/2017    XTablet
LINSAYAmelia World Corp d/b/a LINSAYIn Compliance11/3/2017    XTablet
AKASOProexpress Distributor, LLCIn Compliance11/27/2017 X  XTablet
KingpadProexpress Distributor, LLCIn Compliance11/27/2017    XTablet
EdgeRazer USA, Ltd.In Compliance6/13/2018    XTablet
ProntoTecHH Elements, IncIn Compliance1/18/2018    XTablet - discontinued 2016
GoldengulfDeli Stationery, Inc.In Compliance12/26/2017 X  XTablet
DBPOWERShenzhen Valuelink E-Commerce Co.,Ltd. In Compliance5/22/2018    XP-DVD
Xplore TechnologiesXplore Technologies CorpIn Compliance11/2/2017    XTablet
OREIOREIIn Compliance11/27/2017    XP-DVD
ExcelvanShenZhen Globalegrow E-Commerce Co., LtdIn Violation     XTablet
ViconViconIn Violation    X  
Elo Touch SolutionsElo Touch Solutions, IncIn Compliance12/19/2017  XX  
TechnicsPanasonic Corporation of North America In Compliance12/6/2017      
BarbieMattel, Inc.In Compliance1/4/2018      
Alden3MD Inc.In Compliance1/17/2018  X   
AspectHitachi America, LTD. Digital Media DivisionIn Compliance12/26/2017   X  
SperryUnisys DirectIn Compliance12/19/2017      
SEIKITongfang GlobalIn Compliance2/20/2018XX X  
NobleViewEquus Computer SolutionsIn Compliance12/27/2017      
NokiaMicrosoft CorporationIn Compliance1/4/2018      
Sun MicrosystemsOracle America IncIn Compliance11/30/2017  XX  
Coastline MicroCoastline Micro Inc.In Compliance11/2/2017  XX  
MicroTouch3M Touch SystemsIn Compliance11/8/2017      
DELLSamsung Electronics CoIn Compliance12/26/2017      
SlimnoteDurabook Americas Inc.In Compliance11/2/2017      
NEC Home ElectronicsNEC Display SolutionsIn Compliance2/8/2018      
3M Dynapro3M Touch SystemsIn Compliance11/8/2017      
HitachiHitachi America, LTD. Digital Media DivisionIn Compliance12/26/2017X  X  
ThinkVisionInternational Business Machines Corp.In Compliance11/2/2017      
Power Computing AppleIn Compliance1/11/2018      
SaikyoElite Lux Technologies Inc.In Compliance2/22/2018      
PyramidPyramid Distributing In Compliance11/3/2017  X   
X-TremeInspire TechnologyIn Violation       
Perfection PCPerfection PC Inc.In Compliance11/2/2017  X   
SMARTSMART Technologies ULCIn Compliance11/27/2017   X  
XPC17Shuttle Computer GroupIn Compliance1/4/2018      
Elo TouchSystemsElo Touch Solutions, IncIn Compliance12/19/2017  XX  
ADVENTVOXX International Corp.In Compliance12/27/2017      
Girl PowerEmerson Radio CorpIn Compliance2/12/2018      
CrosleyCrosley Corp.In Compliance12/26/2017X     
MAIN BUSINESS SYSTEMSMain Business SystemsIn Compliance11/2/2017  X   
QuasarPanasonic Corporation of North America In Compliance12/6/2017X     
Jetta/JetbookSource Code CorporationIn Compliance1/9/2018 X    
ARM ElectronicsTri-Ed / Northern Video DistributionIn Compliance11/21/2017   X  
KenwoodJVC KENWOOD USA CorpIn Compliance12/6/2017      
PugetPuget Sound Systems Inc.In Compliance12/26/2017 XX   
iBuypowerAmerican Future Tech Corp dba iBuypowerIn Compliance1/31/2018 XX   
JVCElite Lux Technologies Inc.In Compliance2/22/2018      
AlienwareDell Computer CorpIn Compliance11/21/2017 XXX  
vpr matrixBest Buy In Compliance1/18/2018      
Cutting EdgeCutting Edge Computer SolutionsIn Compliance11/2/2017  X   
SpelerSpring Rose Technology Co. LTDIn Violation3/9/2018X     
FlytouchWorryfree Gadgets LLCIn Compliance1/23/2018 X    
Pogo Linux Altura M2 Pogo Linux, Inc.In Compliance1/16/2018  X   
IkegamiIkegami Tsushinki Ltd.In Compliance1/22/2018   X  
SkyVueSkyVueIn Compliance1/30/2018X     
JensenVOXX International Corp.In Compliance12/27/2017      
TandemHP IncIn Compliance1/4/2018      
KPCShuttle Computer GroupIn Compliance1/4/2018      
RainbowHP IncIn Compliance1/4/2018      
MytrixFY International LLCIn Compliance12/26/2017XXXX  
ACC TechACC TechIn Compliance12/6/2017 XX   
Lucky Star International (LSI)Lucky Star International dba Lucky ComputersIn Violation   X   
Up Time TechnologyUp Time TechnologyIn Compliance1/4/2018  X   
On-Line-SupportOn Line Support IncIn Compliance11/2/2017  X   
Heavy Duty Computers4th Dimension ComputerIn Compliance12/19/2017  X   
CyberVisionViewSonic Corp World HQIn Compliance12/27/2017      
SymphonicFunai Corporation, Inc.In Compliance12/19/2017      
CorsairCorsairIn Compliance11/6/2017  X   
Last Stop ComputersLast Stop ComputersIn Compliance1/16/2018 XX   
SquareviewSears Roebuck & Co. In Compliance1/16/2018      
Silo Silo DigitalIn Compliance1/30/2018X     
dopoDouble Power Technology, Inc.In Violation  X    
VilrosCaytan Enterprise (Vilros)In Compliance12/26/2017   X  
SunBriteTVSunBriteTV LLCIn Compliance12/26/2017X     
NeowareHP IncIn Compliance1/4/2018      
UnisysUnisys DirectIn Compliance12/19/2017   X  
MirusEquus Computer SolutionsIn Compliance12/27/2017      
OleviaEmerson Radio CorpIn Compliance2/12/2018      
Refine ComputersRefine ComputersIn Compliance5/11/2018 XX   
KmartSears Roebuck & Co. In Compliance1/16/2018      
TekbrightToshiba America Client Solutions, Inc.In Compliance1/11/2018      
AG NeovoAG Neovo Technology CorpIn Violation    X  
NEC/MitsubishiNEC Display SolutionsIn Compliance2/8/2018      
PoqetFujitsu America, Inc.In Compliance1/4/2018      
AxessAxess Products CorporationIn Compliance2/1/2018X     
BenQBenQ America CorpIn Compliance12/12/2017   X  
Kaser Net's Go!Kaser Corp.In Compliance1/2/2018      
iMoMimo IncIn Compliance11/2/2017   X  
GHCSIGrays Harbor Computer SvcIn Compliance12/28/2017  X   
CitizenCWD limited In Compliance12/26/2017      
OptomaOptoma Technology IncIn Compliance10/8/2018X  X  
Beijing Orient Top Victory ElectronicsEnvision Peripherals IncIn Compliance1/11/2018      
EvervueEvervue USAIn Compliance11/2/2017X  X  
Pogo Linux Verona 330 Pogo Linux, Inc.In Compliance1/16/2018  X   
NCSNCS Technologies, IncIn Compliance1/2/2018 XX   
ThinkPadLenovoIn Compliance1/4/2018      
IdolianIdolian Mobile, Inc.In Compliance1/2/2018      
BANG & OLUFSENBang & OlufsenIn Compliance12/19/2017X     
ZOTACZOTAC USA, Inc.In Compliance10/31/2017  X   
PDiPDi Communication Systems, Inc.In Compliance12/26/2017X     
CompaqHP IncIn Compliance1/4/2018      
PhilcoPhilips Electronics In Compliance2/21/2018      
NetplianceHP IncIn Compliance1/4/2018      
BeoVisionBang & OlufsenIn Compliance12/19/2017X     
ACSAssociated Computer SpecialistsIn Compliance12/26/2017  X   
Netier Tech.Dell Computer CorpIn Compliance11/21/2017      
MimoMimo IncIn Compliance11/2/2017   X  
PhilipsFunai Corporation, Inc.In Compliance12/19/2017      
Tech MobTech MobIn Compliance11/2/2017  X   
Silicon MechanicsSilicon Mechanics In Compliance1/11/2018  X   
BoschBosch Security Systems, Inc.In Compliance12/27/2017   X  
Modern OfficeModern Office EquipmentIn Compliance12/26/2017  X   
FlexvisionVOXX International Corp.In Compliance12/27/2017      
NoteworthyToshiba America Client Solutions, Inc.In Compliance1/11/2018      
Librem 13 & Librem 15Purism, IncIn Compliance12/26/2017 X    
KMCSears Roebuck & Co. In Compliance1/16/2018      
PolycomPolycom IncIn Compliance12/26/2017   X  
ZeepadWorryfree Gadgets LLCIn Compliance1/23/2018 X    
Dat-a-Way Computer SolutionsDat-a-Way Computer SolutionsIn Compliance11/1/2017  X   
MGA/MitsubishiMitsubishi Electric US, Inc.In Compliance12/26/2017      
JsmaxAWA Technology Inc.In Compliance1/11/2018      
LevanaCWD limited In Compliance12/26/2017   X  
DieboldIkegami Tsushinki Ltd.In Compliance1/22/2018      
Falcon NorthwestFalcon NorthwestIn Compliance12/26/2017 XX   
ShuttleShuttle Computer GroupIn Compliance1/4/2018  X   
Nicktronics/SpongebobNickelodeon & Viacom Consumer ProductsIn Compliance3/8/2018X     
ICANIntegrity Computers and NetworkingIn Compliance11/2/2017  X   
AORUSGigabyteIn Compliance2/7/2018 X    
4th Dimension Computer4th Dimension ComputerIn Compliance12/19/2017  X   
QumeDell Computer CorpIn Compliance11/21/2017      
Marvel HeroesMarvel Entertainment, LLCIn Compliance11/2/2017XXX   
Seattle ComputersSeattle ComputersIn Compliance12/26/2017 XX   
Sperry-UnivacUnisys DirectIn Compliance12/19/2017      
TriviewTatung Company of America Inc In Compliance12/27/2017X  X  
SagerSager Midern Computer Inc.In Compliance12/19/2017 X    
BroksonicBroksonic c/o Hatzlachh Supply IncIn Violation X     
Associated Computer Specialists, ACSAssociated Computer SpecialistsIn Compliance12/26/2017  X   
Fujitsu-SiemensSamsung Electronics CoIn Compliance12/26/2017      
Google NexusGoogle LLCIn Compliance1/4/2018      
ToteVisionToteVisionIn Compliance11/2/2017X  X  
RuncoPlanar Systems IncIn Compliance11/15/2017      
Tek VisionsTekVisions, IncIn Compliance1/30/2018   X  
WOW!firstSTREET for Boomers and Beyond, Inc.In Violation  X    
EnvisionEnvision Peripherals IncIn Compliance1/11/2018      
BurroughsUnisys DirectIn Compliance12/19/2017      
SensormaticSensormatic Electronics LLCIn Compliance1/18/2018      
AMBRAInternational Business Machines Corp.In Compliance11/2/2017      
ThinkPadInternational Business Machines Corp.In Compliance11/2/2017      
SIGCUSSIGCUS USA INCIn Compliance2/22/2018X     
ToshinaerToshinaerIn Violation X     
UtobiaViewSonic Corp World HQIn Compliance12/27/2017      
Z-TechZ-Tech Computers Inc In Compliance2/13/2018  X   
Zebra ComputerZebra ComputersIn Compliance11/2/2017  X   
VidikronPlanar Systems IncIn Compliance11/15/2017      
SV2000Philips Electronics In Compliance2/21/2018      
MitsubishiMitsubishi Electric US, Inc.In Compliance12/26/2017      
IBMInternational Business Machines Corp.In Compliance11/2/2017 XXX  
ELECTRONCurtis International LtdIn Compliance1/23/2018      
SeuraSeura, Inc.In Compliance12/15/2017X     
PrecorPrecore Inc.In Compliance12/26/2017   X  
VitekVitek Industrial Video Products, Inc.In Compliance1/4/2018   X  
EmanEman Computer Care and Data RecoveryIn Compliance11/2/2017  X   
NECNEC Display SolutionsIn Compliance2/8/2018XXXX  
KomodoSceptre, Inc. In Compliance12/6/2017      
EluktronicsEluktronics, Inc.In Compliance12/27/2017XXXX  
WyseDell Computer CorpIn Compliance11/21/2017 X X  
NobilisEquus Computer SolutionsIn Compliance12/27/2017 XXX  
AiwaSony Electronics IncIn Compliance12/26/2017      
MagnavoxFunai Corporation, Inc.In Compliance12/19/2017      
KOGIGVISION USA, Inc.In Compliance11/1/2017      
QuantumAzulleIn Compliance11/2/2017      
IBMSamsung Electronics CoIn Compliance12/26/2017      
Cardio TheatrePrecore Inc.In Compliance12/26/2017   X  
NOOK ColorBarnes& LLCIn Compliance12/6/2017 X    
PROSTARProstar Computer, IncIn Compliance11/1/2017 X    
Digital or Digital Equipment CorporationHP IncIn Compliance1/4/2018      
EIZOEIZO Inc. In Compliance2/28/2018   X  
NANAOEIZO Inc. In Compliance2/28/2018      
TursionTransform Partners, LLCIn Compliance2/1/2018      
WorldElite Lux Technologies Inc.In Compliance2/22/2018      
GatewayAcer America CorpIn Compliance1/4/2018 XXX  
SyncMasterSamsung Electronics CoIn Compliance12/26/2017   X  
UBBest Buy In Compliance1/18/2018      
Pacific IT Services LLCPacific IT Services LLCIn Compliance12/28/2017  X   
I-OI-O CorporationIn Compliance11/13/2017 X X  
Npower / Imation ElectronicsNickelodeon & Viacom Consumer ProductsIn Compliance3/8/2018      
DCLCDSceptre, Inc. In Compliance12/6/2017      
Computer RenaissanceFriendly Computers / Computer RenaissanceIn Compliance1/9/2018      
SansuiElite Lux Technologies Inc.In Compliance2/22/2018X     
Fujitsu-SiemensFujitsu America, Inc.In Compliance1/4/2018      
IBM PS/ValuePointInternational Business Machines Corp.In Compliance11/2/2017      
EmersonFunai Corporation, Inc.In Compliance12/19/2017      
Telstra T-TouchHuawei Device USA, Inc.In Compliance11/2/2017      
LOREXLorex Technology Inc.In Compliance11/13/2017   X  
BarcoBarco, Inc.In Compliance11/2/2017X  X  
LilliputLilliput Electronics Co, LtdIn Compliance2/8/2018 X X  
XPCShuttle Computer GroupIn Compliance1/4/2018      
RE PCRe-Pc Recycled ComputersIn Compliance11/1/2017  X   
HTCHTC America, Inc. In Compliance1/16/2018 X    
AmdekDell Computer CorpIn Compliance11/21/2017      
AspireAcer America CorpIn Compliance1/4/2018 XX   
GANZCBC (America) CorpIn Compliance12/26/2017   X  
ChanghongChanghong Trading Corp. USAIn Violation3/5/2018X     
MTVNickelodeon & Viacom Consumer ProductsIn Compliance3/8/2018      
JetBookECTACO, Inc.In Compliance1/18/2018      
Project NurseryVOXX International Corp.In Compliance12/27/2017   X  
CTLComputer Technology Link In Compliance1/23/2018 XXX  
Quasar by MotorolaMotorola Mobility LLCIn Compliance1/30/2018      
Go VideoTTE Technology IncIn Compliance1/4/2018      
FISHERPanasonic Corporation of North America In Compliance12/6/2017      
Philips MagnavoxPhilips Electronics In Compliance2/21/2018      
SearsSears Roebuck & Co. In Compliance1/16/2018      
DurabookDurabook Americas Inc.In Compliance11/2/2017 X    
Quality ComputersQuality Computers & SvcIn Compliance11/29/2017  X   
IntelIntel In Compliance12/19/2017  X   
ADEK ADEK Industrial ComputersIn Violation   X   
Tyco Integrated SecurityTyco Integrated SecurityIn Compliance1/9/2018   X  
MatrixJohnson Health Tech Co., LtdIn Compliance11/2/2017X     
VAIOTrans Cosmos AmericaIn Compliance12/6/2017 X    
CapriDPI IncIn Compliance12/7/2017      
Angel Computer SystemsAngel Computer Systems IncIn Compliance1/16/2018 XX   
VGHVGH Computer ServicesIn Compliance11/2/2017  X   
ContexElite Lux Technologies Inc.In Compliance2/22/2018      
Innovative TechnologyInnovative TechnologyIn Compliance12/26/2017  X   
Friendly ComputersFriendly Computers / Computer RenaissanceIn Compliance1/9/2018  X   
Nicktronics/DoraNickelodeon & Viacom Consumer ProductsIn Compliance3/8/2018      
KCSilo DigitalIn Compliance1/30/2018X     
MGAMitsubishi Electric US, Inc.In Compliance12/26/2017      
NixeusNixeus Technology, Inc.In Compliance1/2/2018   X  
OracleOracle America IncIn Compliance11/30/2017  XX  
oCosmoSceptre, Inc. In Compliance12/6/2017X     
InFocusInFocus CorpIn Compliance11/2/2017   X  
Music ComputingMusic ComputingIn Compliance1/18/2018X     
Yakima NetworkingYakima NetworkingIn Compliance1/16/2018  X   
ATYMEAtyme Corporation, Inc.In Compliance11/3/2017X     
JVCJVC KENWOOD USA CorpIn Compliance12/6/2017XX X  
ESAMicro Center & IPSG & Micro Electronics In Violation       
PremioPremio, IncIn Compliance1/3/2018  XX  
Voodoo Computers Inc.HP IncIn Compliance1/4/2018      
NEC TechnologiesNEC Display SolutionsIn Compliance2/8/2018      
ECSElitegroup Computer SystemsIn Compliance11/8/2017 X    
AveraChina America Electronics Corp.Ltd.In Compliance1/24/2017X     
CycrestCycrest Systems Inc.In Compliance11/2/2017  X   
WopadWorryfree Gadgets LLCIn Compliance1/23/2018 X    
PelcoPelcoIn Compliance1/11/2018   X  
Pogo Linux Velocity-D50 Pogo Linux, Inc.In Compliance1/16/2018  X   
ThinkCentreLenovoIn Compliance1/4/2018      
CyberpowerPCCyberPowerIn Compliance1/3/2018 XX   
NetVistaInternational Business Machines Corp.In Compliance11/2/2017      
PlanarPlanar Systems IncIn Compliance11/15/2017X  X  
PCs LimitedDell Computer CorpIn Compliance11/21/2017      
RCACurtis International LtdIn Compliance1/23/2018X     
MicroTouch/3M3M Touch SystemsIn Compliance11/8/2017   X  
Google PixelbookGoogle LLCIn Compliance1/4/2018 X    
InnoviewBereson USAIn Compliance1/11/2018X  X  
NEXTAppleIn Compliance1/11/2018      
uShopMallFY International LLCIn Compliance12/26/2017XXXX  
VIZTABereson USAIn Compliance1/11/2018   X  
NobiEquus Computer SolutionsIn Compliance12/27/2017 X    
TCLTTE Technology IncIn Compliance1/4/2018X     
Wacom CintiqWacom TechnologyIn Compliance12/19/2017   X  
GIGABYTEGigabyteIn Compliance2/7/2018 XX   
EverFocusEverFocus Electronics CorporationIn Compliance1/4/2018   X  
DoubleSight DisplaysDoubleSight DisplaysIn Compliance1/25/2018   X  
PhilcoFunai Corporation, Inc.In Compliance12/19/2017      
ASUSAsus Computer InternationalIn Compliance3/19/2018 XXX  
DefenderCWD limited In Compliance12/26/2017   X  
OrionElite Lux Technologies Inc.In Compliance2/22/2018      
WeatherXDPI IncIn Compliance12/7/2017X     
VitaMobilityEquus Computer SolutionsIn Compliance12/27/2017      
CybertronPCCybertron International, IncIn Compliance11/27/2017 XX   
CCSSCustom Computer Sales & SvcIn Compliance11/2/2017  X   
CornerstoneHitachi America, LTD. Digital Media DivisionIn Compliance12/26/2017   X  
SamtronSamsung Electronics CoIn Compliance12/26/2017      
MajesticMajestic Global USAIn Compliance11/3/2017X     
ADTADT LLC dba ADT Security ServicesIn Compliance1/18/2018   X  
Scott (HH)Emerson Radio CorpIn Compliance2/12/2018      
eMachinesAcer America CorpIn Compliance1/4/2018 XXX  
MicrolynxMicrolynxIn Violation   X   
AOCEnvision Peripherals IncIn Compliance1/11/2018XX X  
ZOWIEBenQ America CorpIn Compliance12/12/2017   X  
Rj TechRJ Technology, IncIn Compliance2/8/2018      
DigimergeLorex Technology Inc.In Compliance11/13/2017   X  
SceptreSceptre, Inc. In Compliance12/6/2017X  X  
ThinkCentreInternational Business Machines Corp.In Compliance11/2/2017      
American DynamicsSensormatic Electronics LLCIn Compliance1/18/2018   X  
RCA ComputersUnisys DirectIn Compliance12/19/2017      
ToshibaBest Buy In Compliance1/18/2018X     
2go PCComputer Technology Link In Compliance1/23/2018      
EntryvueEvervue USAIn Compliance11/2/2017   X  
US MICROUS Micro PC IncIn Compliance1/2/2018  X   
ThinkVisionLenovoIn Compliance1/4/2018      
Data GeneralDell Computer CorpIn Compliance11/21/2017      
YORXDPI IncIn Compliance12/7/2017      
NyriusCWD limited In Compliance12/26/2017      
Pogo Linux Vorticon 560F Pogo Linux, Inc.In Compliance1/16/2018  X   
MemorexDPI IncIn Compliance12/7/2017X     
V7Worldwide V7 Private LabelIn Compliance11/2/2017   X  
SRSears Roebuck & Co. In Compliance1/16/2018      
VARVAR CorporationIn Compliance2/1/2018  X   
DYNEXBest Buy In Compliance1/18/2018      
PC RecyclePC RecycleIn Compliance12/26/2017  X   
Google PixelGoogle LLCIn Compliance1/4/2018 X    
QNIXKyoung Seong Global KoreaIn Violation3/5/2018   X  
Pogo LinuxPogo Linux, Inc.In Compliance1/16/2018  X   
Hard Drives Northwest3MD Inc.In Compliance1/17/2018  X   
Monster HighMattel, Inc.In Compliance1/4/2018      
BravolinkShenzhen Valuelink E-Commerce Co.,Ltd. In Compliance5/22/2018      
IDEOSHuawei Device USA, Inc.In Compliance11/2/2017      
SkyworthSkyworth USA CorporationIn Violation X     
GVISIONGVISION USA, Inc.In Compliance11/1/2017   X  
SV2000Funai Corporation, Inc.In Compliance12/19/2017      
LXISears Roebuck & Co. In Compliance1/16/2018      
AYDIN DISPLAYS INCAydin DisplaysIn Compliance1/16/2018  XX  
ParsecParsec ComputerIn Compliance11/2/2017  X   
Mach SpeedInspire TechnologyIn Violation       
WestinghouseTongfang GlobalIn Compliance2/20/2018X  X  
Baby DelightMacari Baby, Inc.In Compliance3/13/2018   X  
LookoutLookout ElectronicsIn Compliance1/16/2018  X   
OCCSComputer Nut HutIn Compliance1/2/2018  X   
Computer ConnectionsComputer ConnectionsIn Compliance12/26/2017  X   
RazerRazer USA, Ltd.In Compliance6/13/2018 X    
SUPER CIRCUITSSupercircuits, IncIn Compliance12/26/2017X     
AventuraFunai Corporation, Inc.In Compliance12/19/2017      
Emerson and G ClefEmerson Radio CorpIn Compliance2/12/2018X     
Apollo ComputersHP IncIn Compliance1/4/2018      
IBM PS/1International Business Machines Corp.In Compliance11/2/2017      
OptiquestViewSonic Corp World HQIn Compliance12/27/2017      
PhilipsEnvision Peripherals IncIn Compliance1/11/2018      
Sahara SlateTabletKioskIn Violation  X    
SENTINEL CCTVLorex Technology Inc.In Compliance11/13/2017      
CiilCiil Technologies, LLCIn Violation X     
MagnavoxPhilips Electronics In Compliance2/21/2018X  X  
AptivaInternational Business Machines Corp.In Compliance11/2/2017      
Amazon Kindle DXAmazon Fulfillment Services, Inc.In Compliance1/11/2018      
GoldStarLG Electronics USA IncIn Compliance12/26/2017      
Mitsubishi ElectricMitsubishi Electric US, Inc.In Compliance12/26/2017      
WinbookMicro Center & IPSG & Micro Electronics In Violation       
TG-TEKTalent Grant Technology Inc.In Compliance1/16/2018      
PowerSpecMicro Center & IPSG & Micro Electronics In Violation  XX   
Computer WorksComputer Works of Yakima IncIn Compliance1/16/2018  X   
GeChicICI Touch Technology Inc.In Compliance12/26/2017   X  
LinkDell Computer CorpIn Compliance11/21/2017      
GAEMSGAEMS, Inc.In Compliance1/22/2018   X  
JNCSJ & N Computer ServiceIn Compliance1/18/2018  X   
Kenmore EliteSears Roebuck & Co. In Compliance1/16/2018X     
XP19Shuttle Computer GroupIn Compliance1/4/2018   X  
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