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Sep 2016 - Aug 2017 Transporter Registration List for E-Cycle Washington

transporter registration is an annual requirement. New transporters may register anytime. Existing transporters must register between June 1 and September 1 of each year in order to continue providing services to Covered Electronic Product (CEP) Recycling Plans.

To be used by a CEP Recycling Plan, a transporter must be listed below in "in compliance" status.

The effective date denotes the last change to the transporter's status. Ecology recommends that plans check this list frequently.

Note: If you have any questions about this list or any of the information contained within, please contact Christine Haun at (360) 407-6107.

This list is current as of Friday, July 21, 2017

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TransporterE-Cycle Acct NumberRegistration StatusEffective Date
Eman Computer Care and Data RecoveryEPR00052In Compliance1/1/0001
Pullman Disposal Service, Inc.EPR00299In Compliance8/4/2016
Seattle GoodwillEPR00310In Compliance7/21/2016
InterConnection Computer ReuseEPR00369In Compliance8/12/2016
3R TechnologyEPR00370In Compliance8/1/2016
Safe And Easy RecyclingEPR00397In Compliance3/6/2017
Northwest CenterEPR00411In Compliance1/5/2017
RE-PCEPR00426In Compliance8/8/2016
Waste Control RecyclingEPR00443In Compliance7/11/2016
E-Waste LLCEPR00445In Compliance7/13/2016
Yakima Waste Systems, Inc.EPR00463In Compliance7/11/2016
Busby Junk Removal, LLCEPR00466In Compliance8/29/2016
EWC Group, IncEPR00472In Compliance7/6/2016
Columbia Willamette GoodwillEPR00343In Compliance8/26/2016
Tacoma GoodwillEPR00290In Compliance8/26/2016
Inland Northwest GoodwillEPR00334In Compliance8/22/2016
Royal Heights Transfer StationEPR00488In Compliance8/18/2016
Island RecyclingEPR00517In Compliance7/15/2016
Truck On CallEPR00528In Compliance8/8/2016
Total Reclaim, Inc.EPR00544In Compliance7/12/2016
The Salvation Army Seattle ARCEPR00543In Compliance7/12/2016
Ace Metal CompanyEPR00557In Compliance7/11/2016
St Vincent de Paul BremertonEPR00494In Compliance7/11/2016
Green Okanogan RecycleEPR00572In Compliance7/11/2016
Electronic Recyclers International, Inc.EPR00574In Compliance8/1/2016
Green PCEPR00520In Compliance7/11/2016
DM Disposal - WCIEPR00680In Compliance7/25/2016
Oak Harbor Freight Lines, Inc.EPR00684In Compliance7/11/2016
Peninsula Sanitation ServiceEPR00685In Compliance7/11/2016
USF ReddawayEPR00688In Compliance4/20/2017
Waste Connections of WashingtonEPR00689In Compliance3/17/2017
Woodland Truck LineEPR00690In Compliance9/13/2016
Keystone Freight CorpEPR00721In Compliance7/11/2016
Rontra Freight IncEPR00722In Compliance3/15/2017
Peninsula Truck LinesEPR00723In Compliance7/7/2016
Puget Sound Transfer and StorageEPR00728In Compliance7/6/2016
Columbia Freight SystemsEPR00737In Compliance3/15/2017
Canam LogisticsEPR00783In Compliance3/20/2017
Video Only, Inc.EPR00855In Compliance8/12/2016
Goodwill Industries of the ColumbiaEPR00871In Compliance7/11/2016
Forte Transportation Logistics Corp.EPR00884In Compliance7/15/2016
Sight ConnectionEPR00895In Compliance3/29/2017
Department of Enterprise Services / State SurplusEPR00480In Compliance7/6/2016
American Freight, Inc.EPR00949In Compliance3/14/2017
Commercial Waste Reduction & Recycling EPR01014In Compliance3/21/2017
Relectronix, LLC DBA PC Recycle EPR00682In Compliance1/1/0001
Community TreasuresEPR00489In Compliance7/12/2016
UpTekkEPR00491In Compliance8/29/2016
Friendly Earth InternationalEPR00824In Compliance7/11/2016