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01/01/2017 - 12/31/2017 Processor Registration List for the Electronic Product Recycling Program

Direct processors in the E-Cycle Washington electronic product recycling program are required to register annually with Ecology. Direct processors that are new to the program may register at any time, but must register at least thirty (30) days prior to receiving Covered Electronic Products (CEPs) for processing. A new processor may not begin processing CEPs until Ecology determines the processor meets the Performance Standards in WAC 173-900-650 and the processor's name appears on the list below.

The "Effective Date" denotes the last change to the processor's registration information.

For information on the "Minimum" and "Preferred" Performance Standard levels, Click here.

Note: If you have any questions about this list or any of the information contained within, please contact Christine Haun at 360-407-6107.

This list is current as of Thursday, November 23, 2017.

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OrganizationECycle Acct NumberStatusEffective DatePerformance Standard LevelRecycling Plans
Ace Metal CompanyEPR00557In Compliance10/26/2016PreferredStandard (WMMFA)
ECS Refining Texas, LLCEPR00475In Compliance10/26/2016PreferredStandard (WMMFA)
Electronic Recyclers International, Inc.EPR00574In Compliance10/26/2016PreferredStandard (WMMFA)
E-Waste LLCEPR00445In Compliance10/26/2016PreferredStandard (WMMFA)
EWC Group, IncEPR00472In Compliance10/26/2016PreferredStandard (WMMFA)
Simon MetalsEPR01229In Compliance10/26/2016PreferredStandard (WMMFA)