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Processor Registration List - E-Cycle Washington

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How to Use the Registered Processors List

List of Registered Processors

This list is current as of Tuesday, October 20, 2020.

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OrganizationECycle Acct NumberStatusEffective DatePerformance Standard LevelRecycling Plans
Ace Metal CompanyEPR00557In Compliance12/24/2019PreferredStandard (WMMFA)
Electronic Recyclers International, Inc.EPR00574In Compliance12/24/2019PreferredStandard (WMMFA)
E-Waste LLCEPR00445In Compliance12/24/2019PreferredStandard (WMMFA)
EWC Group, IncEPR00472In Compliance12/24/2019PreferredStandard (WMMFA)
Metro MetalsEPR01229In Compliance12/24/2019PreferredStandard (WMMFA)
Universal Recycling Technologies, LLCEPR01225In Compliance12/24/2019PreferredStandard (WMMFA)