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Station list for WRIA 39

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map showing river & stream water quality monitoring stations in WRIA 39
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39A050 Yakima R @ Harrison Bridge basin A 2009
                                       XXXXX      X             
39A055 Yakima R @ Umtanum Cr Footbridge long-term FI 2018
39A060 Yakima R @ Ellensburg basin A 2001
39A070 Yakima R nr Thorp basin A 1975
             X  X                                               
39A080 Yakima R @ Cle Elum basin A 2014
39A090 Yakima R nr Cle Elum long-term AA 2018
             X  X              XXX  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX          
39B070 Cle Elum R nr Cle Elum basin AA 1975
             X  X                                               
39B090 Cle Elum R nr Roslyn basin FI 2010
                                 X                 X            
39C070 Wilson Cr @ Highway 821 basin A 2018
       XXXXX  X X                 X           XX                
39C150 WilsonCr@Sanders Rd basin FI 2014
39C151 Culvert @ Wilson Cr @ Sanders Rd basin NE 2014
39D070 Teanaway R nr Cle Elum basin A 1992
   XXXXX                         X                              
39D075 Teanaway R at Lambert Rd basin NE 2016
39G100 Naneum Cr @ End of Naneum Cr Rd basin NE 2018
39K060 Reecer Cr in Irene Rinehart Park basin FI 2013
39M050 Swauk Cr nr Cle Elum basin FI 2011
39M100 Swauk Cr @ Lauderdale Junction basin FI 2011
39R050 Umtanum Cr nr mouth basin FI 2018
39U050 Selah Ditch @ Golf Course Rd basin NE 2016