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Station details for:

37E070 - Wide Hollow Cr @ Union Gap

Years when sampling has occurred:


Station details*

last year sampled 2013
type basin
class A
upstream watershed area 64 mi2
ecoregion Columbia Basin
county Yakima
contact Dugger
map detail
latitude 46.5501
longitude 120.48
river mile 1.5
substrate Cobble/Weeds
flow Yes
gaging Staff
mixing Good
elevation 970 ft.
surrounding Suburban/Hobby Farms
waterbody id  
access to monitoring resultsproject data for wria 37 containing all 37E070 results
tab-delimited text format,  136 kilobytes,
requires WinZip®, PkZip®, or compatible

all 37E070 results for 14 standard parameters
html table, approximately 40 kilobytes
parameter and unit descriptions

* Descriptions of station details are available here.