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31A070 - Columbia R @ Umatilla

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Station details*

assessment summaryOverall water quality at this station met or exceeded expectations and is of lowest concern.
(based on water-year 2015 assessment)
last year sampled 2018
type long-term
class A
upstream watershed area 214000 mi2
ecoregion Columbia Basin
county Benton
contact Lefler
map detail
latitude 45.9338
longitude 119.3264
river mile 290.5
substrate Bedrock
flow Yes (Pool)
gaging Dam
mixing Good
elevation 240 ft.
surrounding Desert
waterbody id WA-CR-1020
comment Bank sample from a rocky point with good flow (near permanent USA COE sampling station).
access to monitoring resultsproject data for wria 31 containing all 31A070 results
tab-delimited text format,  30 kilobytes,
requires WinZip®, PkZip®, or compatible

all 31A070 results for 14 standard parameters
html table, approximately 340 kilobytes
WARNING: large table may not render properly on some computers, long download is possible
parameter and unit descriptions

* Descriptions of station details are available here.