River and stream water quality monitoring
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Statewide water quality monitoring network

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Northwest Region

(49 stations total since WY 2008)
18 stations
31 stations sampled since 2008
 station IDstation name
01A050  Nooksack R @ Brennan 
01A120  Nooksack R @ No Cedarville 
01F070  SF Nooksack @ Potter Rd 
01N060  Bertrand Cr @ Rathbone Rd 
01N100  Bertrand @ 0 Ave 
03A060  Skagit R nr Mount Vernon 
03A080  Skagit R abv Sedro Woolley 
03B050  Samish R nr Burlington 
03B077  Samish R abv Parson Cr 
04A100  Skagit R @ Marblemount 
05A065  N Slough Stillaquamish@ Pioneer Hwy 
05A070  Stillaguamish R nr Silvana 
05A080  Stillaguamish R @ Blue Stilly Park 
05A090  SF Stillaguamish R @ Arlington 
05A110  SF Stillaguamish R nr Granite Falls 
05B070  NF Stillaguamish R @ Cicero 
05B110  NF Stillaguamish R nr Darrington 
05G050  Jim Cr @ Jordan Rd 
05L100  Church Cr @ 284th St 
05M050  Montague Cr @ Hwy 530 
07A090  Snohomish R @ Snohomish 
07A100  Snohomish R @ Short School Rd 
07B075  Pilchuck R @ Russel Rd 
07C070  Skykomish R @ Monroe 
07D050  Snoqualmie R nr Monroe 
 station IDstation name
07D130  Snoqualmie R @ Snoqualmie 
07P070  Patterson Ck nr Fall City 
07R050  French Cr nr Mouth 
08C070  Cedar R @ Logan St/Renton 
08C100  Cedar R @ RR Grade Rd 
08C110  Cedar R nr Landsburg 
08N070  Johns Cr @ Gene Coulon Park 
09A080  Green R @ Tukwila 
09A190  Green R @ Kanaskat 
09H090  Black R @ Monster Rd SW 
09L060  Walker Cr near mouth 
09M050  North Cr at Seahurst Pk 
09N050  Mullen Slough @ Frager Rd 
09Q060  Redondo Cr abv Marine View Dr S 
10I050  Joe's Cr @ SR 509 
10J050  Lakota Cr @ Dumas Bay Center 
15A070  Dewatto R nr Dewatto 
15B050  Chico Cr nr Chico 
15C070  Clear Cr @ Silverdale 
15D070  Tahuya R @ Tahuya River Rd 
15F050  Big Beef Cr @ Mouth 
15L050  Seabeck Cr @ mouth 
15M070  Llt Anderson Cr @ Anderson Hill Rd 
15N070  Stavis Cr nr Mouth 
Monitoring contact
Howard Christensen
(360) 407-6479
photo of Howard Christensen

Descriptions of station types:

1. Long-term stations are sampled monthly every year. The goals for this monitoring are to reveal trends and characterize water quality.

2. Basin stations are sampled monthly for one year only. We may return to a basin station every five years. The goals for these stations are to characterize water quality and address specific needs for monitoring data.

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