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Stream flow monitoring station

Dosewallips R. @ Brinnon

Station details

typeTelemetry  satelite dish   
Latitude47° 41' 23.638"
Longitude-122° 53' 50.28259"
Stream classAA
River mile0.2
Staff leadJim Shedd
Period of recordMar 2007 - Sep 2012
Water Resource Inventory Area (WRIA)
1 station (historical)   show historical 
  id station name type* coop
16D070 Dosewallips R. @ Brinnon T(h)
*  T–telemetry   SA–stand alone   MSH–manual stage height
h - historical
Due to budget cuts, this station will be removed effective October 1, 2012. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Brad Hopkins, (brad.hopkins@ecy.wa.gov) phone (360) 407-6686

Station description

Located in the Dosewallips State Park approximately 300 feet downstream of the HYY 101 bridge, this telemetry station records stage, water temperature and air temperature every 15 minutes. Stage values are relative to Dosewallips WADOT Monument 4167. Stage reference elevation provided by Berglund, Schmidt & Associates, Inc.

Station Photo

Photo of stream from sample site