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Stream flow monitoring station

Entiat R. @ North Fork Campground

Station details

typeTelemetry  satelite dish   
Latitude47° 59' 14.99725"
Longitude-120° 34' 46.90796"
Stream classAA
River mile33.0
Staff leadMike Anderson
Period of recordAug 2002 - Sep 2013
Water Resource Inventory Area (WRIA)
20 stations (active and historical)   show historical 
  id station name type* coop
46A110 Entiat R. @ Dill Cr. Bridge T(h)
46A150 Entiat R. @ Tommy Cr. Bridge T(h)
46A160 Entiat R. blw Entiat Falls T(h)
46A170 Entiat R. @ North Fork Campgro... T(h)
46B060 Roaring Cr. nr mouth T
46C100 Mad R. abv Camp Nine T(h)
46D050 Tillicum Cr. @ mouth T(h)
46D070 Tillicum Cr. blw Indian Cr. T(h)
46E070 Mud Cr. @ Bisping Canyon Rd. MSH(h)
46F060 Potato Cr. nr mouth MSH(h)
46G060 Stormy Cr. nr mouth MSH(h)
46H050 Preston Cr. @ mouth MSH(h)
46J080 Tommy Cr. blw USFS Quarry MSH(h)
46K050 Lake Cr. @ mouth T(h)
46L050 Pope Cr. @ mouth MSH(h)
46W001 Spencer Canyon T y
46W002 Dinkleman T y
46W003 Entiat abv Cottonwood T y
46W004 Entiat at Cottonwood T y
46W005 Entiat at Tomie Creek Bridge T y
*  T–telemetry   SA–stand alone   MSH–manual stage height
h - historical
Due to budget cuts, this station has been removed effective October 1, 2013. For more information contact Brad Hopkins at brad.hopkins@ecy.wa.gov
Warning: station may be affected by ice during periods of extreme cold weather.
During extreme cold weather, river stage may be affected by ice. As a result of the changing channel characteristics, incorrect discharge data will be computed from the stage data. Please review associated water and air temperature data where available.