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Basic maintenance and field observation of our monitoring network has resumed to a limited degree. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and increased safety protocols the quality of continuous data reporting may still be impacted at some stations.

Stream flow monitoring station

Ltl Wenatchee R. blw Rainy Cr.

Station details

typeTelemetry  satelite dish   
Latitude47° 50' 57.83844"
Longitude-120° 56' 39.11499"
Stream classAA
River mile12.0
Staff leadMike Anderson
Period of recordSep 2002 - Sep 2012
Water Resource Inventory Area (WRIA)
32 stations (active and historical)   show historical 
  id station name type* coop
45A100 Wenatchee R. @ Leavenworth MSH(h)
45A110 Wenatchee R. nr Leavenworth MSH(h)
45A240 Wenatchee R. blw Lake Wenatche... T(h)
45B050 Icicle Cr. nr mouth SA(h)
45B070 Icicle Cr. nr Leavenworth T
45C060 Chumstick Cr. nr mouth T
45C070 Chumstick Cr. nr Leavenworth T(h)
45D070 Brender Cr. nr Cashmere MSH(h)
45D080 Brender Cr. abv Noname Cr. SA(h)
45D150 Brender Cr. blw Brender Canyon SA(h)
45E070 Mission Cr. nr Cashmere T
45E100 Mission Cr. @ Binder Rd. SA(h)
45F070 Peshastin Cr. @ Green Bridge R... T
45F100 Peshastin Cr. blw Ingalls Cr. MSH(h)
45F110 Peshastin Cr. abv Ingalls Cr. MSH(h)
45F150 Peshastin Cr. abv Tronsen Cr. SA(h)
45G060 Chiwaukum Cr. nr mouth T(h)
45H060 Chiwawa R. @ Schugart Flat MSH(h)
45J070 Nason Cr. nr mouth T
45K070 White R. nr mouth MSH(h)
45K090 White R. nr Plain T y
45L070 Ltl Wenatchee R. nr mouth MSH(h)
45L110 Ltl Wenatchee R. blw Rainy Cr. T(h)
45M060 Rainy Cr. nr mouth MSH(h)
45N060 Rock Cr. nr mouth T(h)
45P050 White Pine Cr. @ mouth MSH(h)
45Q060 Eagle Cr. nr mouth MSH(h)
45W001 Chiwaukum T y
45W002 Eightmile Lake T y
45W003 Eightmile Creek Below Dam T y
45W004 Icicle Ridge T y
45W005 Van Epps Pass, North of Cle El... T y
*  T–telemetry   SA–stand alone   MSH–manual stage height
h - historical
Due to recent modeling work, this station will be removed effective October 1, 2012. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Brad Hopkins, (brad.hopkins@ecy.wa.gov) phone (360) 407-6686
Warning: station may be affected by ice during periods of extreme cold weather.
During extreme cold weather, river stage may be affected by ice. As a result of the changing channel characteristics, incorrect discharge data will be computed from the stage data. Please review associated water and air temperature data where available.

Station description

The Little Wenatchee drainage encompasses 64,794 acres, most of which is public land in the Wenatchee National Forest. The headwaters start at the Cascade Crest and then flow southeast into Lake Wenatchee. The White and Little Wenatchee rivers are the two primary tributaries to Lake Wenatchee and are the source of the Wenatchee River. The majority of precipitation falls during the winter months as snow with runoff peaks during late May and early June as snowmelt progresses. The White and Little Wenatchee rivers have among the best aquatic habitat anywhere in the Columbia basin with well functioning floodplains and riparian habitat being especially important.

Station Photo

Photo of stream from sample site