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Stream flow monitoring station

Jimmycomelately Cr. @ Hwy 101

Station details

typeTelemetry  satelite dish   
Latitude48° 1' 10.55969"
Longitude-123° 0' 22.68677"
Stream classA
River mile0.3
Staff leadTyler Burks
Period of recordJun 2005 - Sep 2013
Water Resource Inventory Area (WRIA)
11 stations (active and historical)   show historical 
  id station name type* coop
17A060 Big Quilcene R. nr mouth T(h)
17B050 Chimacum Cr. @ mouth T
17C070 Jimmycomelately Cr. nr mouth T(h)
17C075 Jimmycomelately Cr. @ Hwy 101 T(h)
17D060 Little Quilcene R. nr mouth T
17E060 Snow Cr. @ WDFW T
17F050 Salmon Cr. @ WDFW T
17F060 Salmon Cr. @ West Uncas Rd. T(h)
17G060 Tarboo Cr. nr mouth T
17H060 Thorndyke Cr. nr mouth T(h)
17J050 Pheasant Cr. @ mouth MSH(h)
*  T–telemetry   SA–stand alone   MSH–manual stage height
h - historical
Due to budget cuts, this station has been removed effective October 1, 2013. For more information contact Brad Hopkins at brad.hopkins@ecy.wa.gov

Station description

In the early 20th century Jimmycomelately Creek was disconnected from its floodplain, ditched and pushed to the edge of the valley. In 2005, one of the largest stream channel restoration projects in Puget Sound was completed on Jimmycomelately Creek. The restoration of Jimmycomelately Creek moved the channel back to the valley center, excavated a floodplain and reconnected the tidal energy of its estuary to the mouth of the creek. In addition, a road and log yard were removed from the estuary, restoring nearly 20 acres of saltmarsh. The Department of Ecology has monitored flows on Jimmycomelately Creek since October 1999 and has maintained a near-real time stream gage since August of 2002. In June 2005, with the restoration of the channel to its original location, Ecology moved the gage to its new location on the restored channel. Flow data from before the completion of the restoration project in June 2005 can be found at the 17C070 Jimmycomelately Creek nr Mouth web page by using the 'show historical' tab at the top of the station list on this page.

Station Photo

Photo of stream from sample site