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Southwest Region

33 stations (active)
25 Ecology stations
7 coop stations
Stand alone2
0 Ecology stations
0 coop stations
Manual stage height3
1 Ecology station
0 coop stations
Modeled flow station
0 Ecology stations

Descriptions of station types:

1. A telemetry station transmits data every three hours to the Department of Ecology Headquarters in Olympia, Washington. The data is logged every fifteen minutes and transmitted in three hour blocks to Ecology where it is automatically imported into the streamflow database and published to Ecology's website. The data is transmitted via either a GOES satellite transmitter or a standard dial-up modem.

2. A stand-alone station logs data every fifteen minutes and is downloaded periodically (once a month) by the station lead. Data is imported into the streamflow database when the station lead returns to the office. Once the data has