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Download Washington Public Beach Access Points Data

About the Data

This is a detailed GIS database of public access locations (point features) along coastal shorelines. It contains a rich variety of information such as amenities (boat launches, toilets, ADA accessible, etc.) and activities (tidepooling, hiking, shellfishing, etc.) that are available at each access point.The information was collected using a GPS in the field between 2008-2010 and is updated as resources allow.

The downloadable Access Points data is available in compressed .Zip files as:

  • ESRI File Geodatabase: Points and full database.
  • ESRI Shapefile: Points and simplified attribute table. Join CSV file for full database.
  • CSV file: Full database only.


Please note that our GIS data, while available for free of charge, is covered by Ecology’s Conditions of Use Statement. Please view the conditions on the Site Information Page.

Download State Data:

Download County Data:

Other Data:

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