Cleanup Levels and Risk Calculation (CLARC)
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CLARC Overview

Cleanup Levels and Risk Calculations (CLARC) is a web-based compendium of technical information related to the calculation of cleanup levels under the Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA) Cleanup Regulation, Chapter 173-340 WAC. The Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology) has compiled and calculated this technical information to assist the user in the development of cleanup levels at a site. User access to technical informaton in the CLARC Information System is initiated by a chemical specfic search engine using either the chemical name or Chemical Abstract Service Registry number (CAS#). The formula values pre-calculated under standard Method B and standard Method C and provided in CLARC are NOT cleanup levels.

The following discussion provides an overview of what information is accessible through CLARC and how that information can be accessed.

The CLARC Drop-down Menu Bar

At the top left of each page is a drop-down menu with a number of options.

                                On the right are links back to pages you have visited.

CLARC Database Menu

Move your mouse over the "CLARC Database" link and a menu will appear.

  • CLARC Database Search This takes you to the database search page. Use the "Choose Chemicals," "Choose Parameters," and "Choose Formats" tabs to create a report.
  • CLARC Help Use this link if you need help creating a report.
  • CLARC Notes The white arrow directs you to additional information under the "CLARC Notes" selection.
  • Cautions and Limitations Please review this page to understand the limitations and proper role of CLARC in setting cleanup levels.
  • History of Changes to CLARC This report shows all the changes made to data in the CLARC database. It is ordered by date, with the most recent changes at the top.
  • Site Map This is a list of all the links that make up the CLARC website.
CLARC Notes Menu Selection

The "CLARC Notes" menu selection provides access to important information regarding the basis and appropriate use of the chemical-specific data provided in the searchable CLARC database.

  • CAS Registry Numbers

  • Method A Table Values

  • Method B and C Formula Values

  • Concentrations Established under ARARs

  • Toxicological Parameters

  • Physical and Chemical Parameters

  • CLARC Chemical Categories

  • CLARC Data Dictionary

Petroleum Data Menu

Under Method B and Method C, concentrations protective of human health are calculated using the standard equations and default assumptions set forth in the MTCA Cleanup Regulation. This portal directs the user to documents containing tables that provide default values for petroleum fractions for toxicological parameters (reference doses) and physical and chemical parameters.

Guidance Menu

The "Guidance" menu provides access to the MTCA Cleanup Regulation (Chapter 173-340 WAC) and guidance documents on the policies and procedures to establish media-specific cleanup levels under MTCA.

Tools Menu

The "Tools" menu provides access to the "Terrestrial Ecological Evaluation Process" tool which assists the user in conducting a terrestrial ecological evaluation.

It also provides access to tools which allow the user to calculate soil concentrations that are protective of ground water quality.

Links Menu

The "Links"menu provides links to the home pages of the Department of Ecology and the Toxics Cleanup Program, as well to other resources that may provide useful information regarding specific hazardous substances.