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Pathways to Housing

The Pathways to Housing website is a set of tools to help you navigate the world of housing.

General Information

The site menu is on the left of every page of the website. You can move around and use the tools in the site in any order by pointing your mouse and clicking on the boxes and page tabs.

If you do not use a mouse, keyboard commands will also let you move around the website. You can see the list of commands by selecting Keyboard Commands from the submenu on the home page.

In addition to Keyboard Commands, the submenu offers additional system features, including:

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Contact Us
This option lets you send us an email. We want to hear your comments and feedback about ways to improve how this website works.

To Contact Us:
1) Select Contact Us from the submenu
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4) Click the [Submit] button

Financial Wellness

A one-stop resource to help you navigate the world of housing. In this module you will find an income limit calculator which will help you determine the income limit for you and/or your family for the county you reside in. You will also find a basic household budgeting tool and links to other budgeting resources as well as a section relating directly to Credit, including reporting agencies, a link for a free credit report and information on the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Rental Application Builder

Utilize the Rental Application Builder to create a rental application form that you can print directly from Pathways to Housing or save to your personal computer or other storage device. The application can be saved in pdf or Word format.

None of your personal information is saved on the Pathways to Housing website.

Supportive Housing Services

Help is available navigating the housing system.

In this module you will be given information on Supportive Housing Services, directions on how to find a provider in your area and the explanation of available services for your housing needs.

You will also find a HUD Resource locator available through listed links as well as links on the history of Permanent Supportive Housing and why it works!

Provider Resources

Providers and peers, expand your knowledge of the Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) model and your role within it.

This module is specifically dedicated to Peers in the workplace and correlating information for Agencies who are or wish to provide PSH services in their area.

Veterans Page

Click the links located on the Housing and Other Resources tabs to access valuable tools available on the Internet to veterans and veterans with disabilities.

If you need someone to talk to, call the Veteran’s Crisis Hotline. The toll free number is displayed in the sidebar.

For information and assistance for issues related to post-traumatic stress, click the link for the National Center for PTSD, located in the sidebar.

Success Stories

Success Stories will let you view inspiring videos and read the stories of others who have successfully made the journey from homeless to housing.

The video titles are links to pages on websites outside Pathways. Click on the title of any video you want to see and it will play in a separate window. You are still connected to the Pathways to Housing website while viewing videos.

Know Your Rights

Know Your Rights will allow you to access multiple links from a tenant’s perspective as well as a landlord/property manager’s perspective in Landlord Tenant Laws, Tenant Resources, Landlord Resources, and Multiple Links on Fair Housing and the Fair Housing Act in Washington State.

The links on each tab lead to external pages outside of Pathways. Click on each link to learn more.

More Tools

Connect to other resources to help you succeed. Information is listed through resource links grouped by category.

Clicking a link will load the resource in a new window. Pathways will remain active in the current window.