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Service Request - Account Creation

The Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing is responsible for quality assurance and data collection. In order to facilitate requests for Sign Language Interpreters and collect accurate and timely data, we have implemented an online Interpreter request system. To request a Sign Language Interpreter, you must utilize this system. The following is information to help you understand how the system works and what is required to use it.

This online system benefits the state in several ways:

  • Reports of all Sign Language Interpreter Requests are available to your Organization.  These reports include information on all filled/unfilled/cancelled and voided requests.
  • All correspondence regarding Sign Language Interpreter services come from the same email address:, which makes it easier for you to locate specific emails.
  • All confirmation requests include the name of the Sign Language Interpreter assigned, which Deaf and DeafBlind patients often request again, and the prior authorization number for Health Care Authority.
  • When a Contractor is unable to fill an appointment, the request is sent back to the system and forwarded to the next Contractor of your choice. You will need to identify at least 3 Contractors when you implement an account.
  • Record of how many contractors attempted to fill this request, and the timeline from the submitted request to fulfillment. 

There are two sign language interpreter request forms:

The first form is for providers who are utilizing Health Care Authority's (HCA) Sign Language Interpreter reimbursement program. This program is available for patients who have active Apple Health Insurance. Requests for Sign Language Interpreters require having a National Providers Identification (NPI) number and the patient's Provider One number and Date of Birth. You must provide your billing address and contact information even though the Contractor will bill Health Care Authority. After you set up your account, use this form: Apple Health Sign Language Interpreter Request

Providers who have patients not covered under Apple Health, may also utilize this system, however, you will need to Sign Up to Use Statewide Contracts  and use the General Sign Language Interpreter Request FormRequestors who use this form are responsible to pay for Sign Language Interpreter services.                 

In order to make the process easier, we have established a way to save your billing information. We need a name of a contact person; generic information is not acceptable.

You will also need to select at least 3 Contractors from the DES Master Contractor List

Once the account is approved, we will walk you though the process and provide a guide on the request system.

Organization or Agency or Unit  
Point of Contact
First Name  
Last Name  
Bill Phone
Bill Fax
Bill Email    
Billing Address  
Billing City  
Billing State
Billing Postal Code
National Provider Number #
(NPI is required for Medical Providers only.)
Contract Usage Agreement #
DES Contractor Preference
(Please three contractors or more in the order of your preference.)
DSHS Contractor Preference
(Please two contractors or more in the order of your preference.)