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Certified Court Sign Language Interpreters

The following Sign Language Interpreter listed on this webpage are Certified Court Sign Lanafguafe Interpreters. Certified Court Sign Language Interpreter have met the criteria established through Washington Administrative Code (WAC).

Washington Courts may hire these interpreters directly, or request Interpreters through one of the Interpreter Referral Agenices that are contracted with the state of Washington. For more information, please contact the Sign Language Interpreter Contracts and Resources Program Manager.

Below is a list of Interpreters who have completed the requirements for the 2022 fiscal year.

If you have questions about the qualifications in assigning speciifc interpreters to work in Washington Courts, please feel free to contact the Sign Language Interpreter Contracts & Resources Program Manager: Berle Ross at

Alphabetical Preferred Interpreter List (Specialist Certificate: Legal - SC:L)

Interpreter NameCity of ResidenceContact Information
Blackburn-Tofstad, KimBonney LakePhone:(253) 332-2792 Email:
Carlson, KarenSeattlePhone: (206) 380-8407 Email:
Hansen, ShellyWest RichlandPhone: (509) 554-0564 Email:
McGuire, MollySeattlePhone: (206) 886-2300 Email:
Morrison, DavidSeattlePhone: (206) 446-3717 Email:
Newell, KendallWenatcheePhone: (509) 679-5920 Email:
Parsons, AngieMiltonPhone: (253) 327-3718 Email:
Reinhardt, LaurieSeattlePhone:(206) 941-7619 Email:
Richards, TammeraPortlandPhone: (503) 267-4861
Schmitz, MarcTacomaPhone: (206) 459-7322 Email:
Thayer, DamonSalemPhone: (503) 999-2471 Email:
Walker, DonnaSpokanePhone: (509) 999-5326

Alphabetical Interpreter List (RID Certification with SC:L written test)

Interpreter NameCity of ResidenceContact Information
Conner, LuanneVancouverPhone: (360) 607-7810 Email:
Ives, JolleenOregon CityPhone: (503) 409-1379 Email:
Kinch, JarrenBothellPhone: (206) 650-4149 Email:
Medlock, AndreaVancouverPhone (360) 607-9180 eMail:
Putnam, ShevonneELLENSBURGPhone: (701) 833-7164 Email:
Quiroga, JeremySeattlePhone: (585) 770-0408 Email:
Shannon, RobinVancouverPhone: (360) 203-7170 Email:
Wilkes, AmandaVancouverPhone: (360) 513-0706 Email:

Intermediary Interpreters (Deaf Interpreter)

Washington State Law 2.42 indicates when a Deaf Interpreter is required. Certified Deaf Interpreters play an important role as a cultural and linguist facilitator.

Washington courts are encouraged to make every effort possible to hire Certified Court Deaf Interpreters teaming with Certified Court Interpreters for all legal communication encounters with individuals who are Deaf, Deaf Blind, Deaf Plus, Late Deafened or Hard of Hearing.

Deaf Interpreters are specialists. They have particular linguistic knowledge and cultural experience which are often fundamental for successful communication access, and essential in high stakes situations. Deaf Interpreters are fluent with various visual and tactile communication modalities used by people who are Deaf, DeafBlind, Deaf Plus, Late Deafened and Hard of Hearing.

Personal experience and professional training give Deaf Interpreters a unique skill set. Deaf Interpreters have distinct formative linguistic, cultural, and life experiences that enable nuanced comprehension influenced by region, culture, age, literacy, education, social economic status, as well as physical, cognitive, and mental health challenges.

Deaf Interpreters have the ability to incorporate successful communication across all types of interpreted interactions, both routine and high risk scenarios. These specialists work with hearing Certified Court Interpreters to ensure the most successful and effective communication.

If you have questions about Deaf Interpreters, please contact the Sign Langage Interpreter Contracts & Resources Program Manager. 

Interpreter NameCity of ResidenceContact Information
Dockter, TerryEverettPhone: (205) 708-4432
Glaser, PaulMarysvillePhone: (585) 530-7152 Email:
Plecher, JohnMountlake TerracePhone: (206) 462-4168 Email:
Quiroga, JeremySeattlePhone: (585) 770-0408 Email:
Rogers, BuckPuyallupPhone:(202) 540-8428 Email:
Shannon, RobinVancouverPhone: (360) 203-7170 Email:
Stubbs, StevenBoisePhone: (208) 501-8793 Email:
Thayer, ColleenSalemPhone:(503) 999-8492