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For more information about the DSHS Language Testing & Certification (LTC) Program, please visit the DSHS LTC Website!

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Continuing Education Activities

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Interpreters, Translators, and Test Candidates

Please go to Secure Access Washington (SAW) and sign up for a log in.

Log in to SAW and select Add a New Service.

Browse the list of services and select the Department of Social and Health Services.

Apply for the LTC Gateway, then select LTC Gateway from your list of services.

Submit a request for access.

Once your access is approved, when you log in to SAW it will forward you to your LTC Profile.

You must complete your LTC Profile before you can schedule a test, add continuing education credits, or review your credentials.

LTC Gateway User Guide for Candidates

If you are a Candidate with an LTC Credential, please refer to our User Manual (Standard Version or Accessible Version) for instructions on how to navigate LTC Gateway!