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 Step 2: Brief Self-Assessment

Considering if DVR is the Choice for You?
Step 2: Brief Self-Assessment

Step 1: Employ Your Abilities Video
Step 2: Brief Self-Assessment
Step 3: Online Referral

If you have a disability or serious health condition that makes it hard for you to get or keep a job and you want to work, then DVR may be the choice for you.

Even though going to work is not easy, success is possible.  The first step to deciding if you want DVR to help you get a job is getting information.  We invite you to answer some questions that will help you to decide if DVR is right for you. It will only take a few minutes.

How you answer these questions will not keep you from applying for DVR services or affect your eligibility for services. This information is not kept for future purposes.

If for any reason you are having difficulty completing this self-assessment, please contact us.

We also added links to help you find resources in your community.

Please answer Yes or No to each of the following questions: