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Thank you for contacting DSHS Constituent Services.

Due to confidentiality rules we are unable to discuss specific cases through email and are, therefore, unable to respond to requests including the following; Change of Circumstance (address, phone numbers, members of household, start/stop work, cancellation of benefits etc.)

You can Report a change in your financial and household circumstances on the Washington Connection website in addition to finding some case specific information by creating a client benefit account.  You can also contact your local DSHS Office or to apply for DSHS benefits please go to the Washington Connection website.

DSHS Constituent Services (Administrative Office, no direct client services provided at this location)
PO Box 45130
Olympia, WA 98504-5130

(800) 737-0617 (No direct client services provided at this phone number)

We cannot send certain types of information over the Internet due to confidentiality, so if possible, please provide other ways for us to reach you; such as a mailing address or phone number.

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