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New Hire Reporting

The New Hire Reporting site has moved.

You will now find it as a service in the My Secure DSHS portal listed as Division of Child Support Online Services (DCSOnline). To access the application, you will need a Secure Access Washington (SAW) account.

Where is the old site?

The New Hire Reporting site has been moved into the new My Secure DSHS portal.

Do I need a new login?

Yes, unless you already have a Secure Access Washington (SAW) account.

Will I still get an email receipt of my new hire report?

Yes. The new system will send email receipts each evening after it processes all new hire reports for the day. If you need an email receipt sooner, you can generate an email receipt from the New Hire Reporting Options menu (select View, Change or Cancel Pending New Hire Report and then Email the Report to Me).

Do I need the employee’s date of hire?

Yes. In the new system, users must provide the employee’s date of hire and date of birth as required by law. If you use a fixed width file to upload your new hire reports, you must use the current file description: Fixed Width File Description (Effective June 7, 2012).

Where is the new site?

Please update your bookmark to use the following address:   https://secure.dshs.wa.gov/dcsonline.