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ProviderOne is an online, electronic payment and claims processing system that replaces the Social Service Payment System (SSPS). As of January, 2015 providers of social and medical services to Washington residents must use ProviderOne to bill for Medicaid services and receive payment. (Note: Individual Providers will start using the new payment system in early 2016.)

Below are some resources to help you with ProviderOne.

If your payment was not processed the way you expected, review the ProviderOne Discovery Log. It is updated regularly with information about system issues, including the number of affected providers, and steps you can take to resolve the issue.

ProviderOne Factsheets

Current Shared Services Supplemental Billing Guide

The billing guides below will assist Medical Social Service providers to properly bill for shared services provided to eligible clients. These supplemental billing guides are available for download on the following Health Care Authority provider guide webpages:

Social Service Batch Upload

Social service batch upload billing is an optional billing method to allow providers to extract billing data elements from their current timekeeping and/or billing software and upload the claim(s) data into the ProviderOne system. Although batch upload does require additional preparation, your agency could save time and effort with this option.

NOTE: This billing option should not be confused with template batch billing.

The batch upload billing method is suitable for large providers and/or providers who are required to bill by date of service such as home care agencies, adult day care centers, large residential facilities, home delivered meals programs, and personal emergency response systems.

Click here for the Batch Upload User Guide

For additional questions regarding the setup of social service batch upload billing:

ProviderOne Health Care Authority