Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about ProviderOne

Below are some questions providers are asking about ProviderOne.

To get answers to your other questions, please call 1-800-562-3022 (after the short introduction, press 5 for Provider then option 1 for Social Services.)

  • What is ProviderOne?

    ProviderOne is an online electronic billing system for providers delivering services to clients who are eligible for Medicaid.

  • Why is this change happening?

    The Social Service Payment System began operation thirty years ago. The technology is outdated and does not allow providers to manage their claims. ProviderOne is a modern system that offers providers more features, like claims management and flexible payment options.

  • Who will be paid in ProviderOne?

    Most affected providers are those contracted to provide services for clients of the DSHS Aging and Long-Term Support Administration or the Developmental Disabilities Administration, currently receive payment through the Social Services Payment System and receive a 1099 tax form. See the Get Ready page for more details on who will be paid through ProviderOne.

  • What are the benefits of ProviderOne?
    • Improves customer service
    • Improves health service access and quality
    • Improves system editing and reduces payment errors
    • Makes system changes more efficient
    • Reduces costs - improve cost recovery
    • Reduces fraud
    • Reduces inappropriate dispensing of services, equipment and drugs to clients
    • Ensures Medicaid is the payer of last resort
    • Provides flexible and responsive reporting to facilitate better decision-making about the Medicaid program
    • Maximizes federal matching dollars

    Visit the Health Care Authority's ProviderOne Project Overview page for more information.

  • When will I start receiving payment from ProviderOne?

    Billing Go-Live is scheduled for late 2014. Training for billing will be available about four weeks prior to Go-Live.

  • I don't own a computer. How can I bill in ProviderOne?

    Your local library and local WorkSource office are two free resources available to you. Other options include friends or family. Many providers are choosing to hand off the billing to someone else. Once you have your login information you can create additional users who could handle your billing for you.

  • Will Providers be able to phone in claims each month after ProviderOne goes live?

    No, once ProviderOne goes live, claims will not be via phone or paper invoice. All claims must be submitted electronically, online with ProviderOne.

  • My computer does not have a Windows based system. Can I bill in ProviderOne using a Mac or other system?

    ProviderOne is designed for Windows-based Internet Explorer versions 7.0 or higher and Adobe Acrobat Reader 10.0 or higher. While some Mac users may attempt a workaround, it is unclear how successful  their claims and billing will be. Tests have only been performed using Windows based software.

    ProviderOne staff is unable to provide technical support to those using Macs or other software to interact with the ProviderOne system. The Health Care Authority does not recommend using Apple/Mac products, cannot guarantee their efficacy or security, and providers use them at their own risk.

  • I have not received my login information yet. What should I do?

    Enrollment of providers is staggered. A few providers are receiving log in credentials in September. Many providers will not receive log in credentials until the end of October.
    The Health Care Authority will send you log in credentials when it is your turn to enroll. First, you will receive an alert that your login information is on its way. A few days after that you will receive your Domain #/Provider ID # and login ID, and then a third email with your password.

    Social service medical providers were invited to enroll earlier in 2014. These providers have additional steps to take before they are payable in ProviderOne.

  • Our business already bills in ProviderOne. How will I receive my login information?

    Ask your business's current System Administrator to assign you as a user.

  • How will ProviderOne change the way I bill?

    Your billing activities will be online rather than by phone or on a paper invoice. You will have the option to bill as frequently as weekly or less often if you choose. Billing will be done by date of service, so be sure to start tracking date of service now. You will also be able to adjust or correct your own billing, rather than having to ask a Social Service Case Manager to make corrections for you.

  • What is staying the same?

    The Social Service Case Manager is still responsible for conducting assessments and authorizing services and your contacts for your contract and license or certification are remaining the same. Program rules and policies are not changing. Direct questions about rules and policies to your current DSHS contact.

  • What can I do to make sure I receive all communications about ProviderOne?

    ProviderOne communications could come from ,, or a number of other DSHS or HCA email addresses. Please watch your junk or spam mail folders to make sure that your messages are going to your inbox. Your best bet is to add the Domains of and to your safe senders lists – most email carriers have this option, but you may need to research your own email carrier to find out how. Nobody likes spam, but your ProviderOne emails will be very important to you!

  • I am logged into ProviderOne. Why can't I access all the screens and see my authorizations?

    Your authorizations are still in SSPS. The screens in the Social Services billing area will be available after we "go live" with payment authorizations later this year.Take the time now to verify addresses and payment information so you are ready when authorizations transfer to ProviderOne.

  • What are the different profiles that social service providers might have?

    There are two profiles for social service providers.

    • The Social Service Provider profile is used for billing and most functions in ProviderOne. This is the most common profile to assign to other users.
    • The System Administrator profile is only for adding or removing users and updating other profiles. Be cautious about giving others the System Administrator profile. Once another person has that profile, he or she could change your access. You cannot bill or submit claims with the System Administrator profile. Toggle out of the System Administrator profile to access different functions.

  • Our System Administrator changed. What can I do to fix this?

    Email the Billing Assistance Team, they can verify your identity and make a request to the ProviderOne Security Desk on your behalf to get the information corrected.

  • I receive my payment through an electronic funds transfer (EFT) now. Will that continue in ProviderOne?

    Yes, EFT information will be brought into ProviderOne from SSPS. If you receive EFT in SSPS, you will receive EFT in ProviderOne. You do not need to complete a new EFT application to continue to receive EFT. We do ask that you verify all of your information when you login to ProviderOne and take action if it needs to be updated. EFT is a dependable, secure, and convenient choice. It also results in savings to the State of Washington and all of its citizens.

  • Will training be available?

    Yes, providers will be emailed links to training videos, how-to guides, and webinars directly. The information will also be posted on our website. Visit the Training tab for the latest training information.  

  • I am a medical provider. Is there additional training available for me?

    Medical billing differs from social service billing. You can learn more about billing as a medical provider by following this link.

  • I provide personal care and respite. Will I be paid in ProviderOne?

    Individual Providers will continue to be paid through SSPS until late 2015. Some providers are contracted as an Individual Provider and are contracted for other services. You may have services, other than personal care or respite, transitioning to ProviderOne. Email for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions from Durable Medical Equipment Providers

We have recently received questions from several Durable Medical Equipment providers regarding claims they have submitted for items requested via a social service authorization. What follows are answers to many of the questions. We are reviewing issues related to claims being denied for lack of Medicare documentation and additional guidance will be provided soon.