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Your New Online Billing System is Live!

No more SSPS Invoices. No more claiming services by phone/paper. Social service providers that provide care to clients must now submit claims online using the ProviderOne system.

Many providers – just like you – participated in a pilot in early January. They successfully submitted claims for services and have received payment for those services.

Here is what they said about their experience with ProviderOne:

"The billing portion of this was very easy once I was able to see the authorizations."
~ In Home Respite Care Agency provider

"Due to the Template Batch billing option, the ProviderOne system will actually make billing easier than SSPS." ~ Residential provider

"After making claims and following the billing guide, I can do this using library computers. It's going to be fine!" ~ Companion Home provider

What is ProviderOne all about?

ProviderOne is an online, electronic system that will give social services providers and social service medical providers greater flexibility to manage claims. Learn more about ProviderOne here.

Changing from a 30-year-old phone and paper billing system to an online, electronic system will offer convenience, greater ease of claims management, and more frequent payment options.

Who are the affected providers?

In 2010, ProviderOne began paying fee for service medical providers. Now social service providers and social service medical providers have transitioned to ProviderOne. Learn about the providers who transitioned to ProviderOne.

Where can I get trained to use ProviderOne?

If you provide social services and/or social service medical there are resources available to help you learn how to submit claims in ProviderOne. See the training page for more details.